twenty t-shirt tutorials

Once you start sewing patterns that call for knit fabric you are sure to make at least one t-shirt. And you will quickly discover that sewing a t-shirt is fun and easy!

Once you’ve got sewing a basic t-shirt down, you might be interested in changing it up a bit by adding your own personal touch or altering a certain aspect of it.

20 t-shirt tutorials that use Oliver + S and Liesl + Co. patterns

We sure have had a lot of tutorials pertaining to t-shirts on the blog these past few years. They use the School Bus T-shirt, Field Trip Raglan T-shirt, Lunch Box Tee, or Woman’s Metro T-shirt patterns. Here’s a long list of twenty t-shirt tutorials for you today. Enjoy!

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

1) Ruffle Skirt Dress
2) Hooded T-shirt

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

3) Faux-Layered Long Sleeve T-shirt
4) Lace Flutter Sleeve T-shirt

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

5) A-line High-low Hem Color Block T-shirt
6) Thumbhole Sleeve

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

7) Knit Romper
8) V-neck T-shirt

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

9) T-shirt Keyhole Modification
10) Embroidered Cat on Lunch Box Tee Pocket

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

11) Kid Painted School Bus T-shirt
12) Color Blocked Raglan T-shirt

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

13) Peplum Ruffle Raglan T-shirt
14) Short Sleeve Raglan T-shirt

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

15) A-line Raglan T-shirt
16) Funnel Neck Kangaroo Pocket Raglan T-shirt

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

17) Lunch Box Tee with Pocket Toy
18) Lace Overlay Sleeves on Raglan T-shirt

Oliver + S t-shirt tutorials

19) Workout Shirts
20) Footprint T-shirt


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  1. Barbara

    I’m a returning beginner to sewing clothes. Do you need a special / different needle for knit? I’m asking this based on an old memory of something stretching and starting to look like a wave as I sewed.

    1. Barbara, use a ballpoint needle, stretch or zigzag stitch setting on the machine, and all-purpose thread for best results. All the best to you as you’re getting back to sewing clothes.

  2. Thanks for featuring my footprint t-shirt! I really love that one, and he does too. I think we’ll have to make another one soon.

  3. Barbara

    Thanks Rachel! I see several tutorials I am excited to try!!

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