introducing the gelato blouse + dress pattern in sizes 16-30

Hello friends!

I’m so pleased to finally introduce you to our expanded size range for the Liesl + Co. Gelato Blouse + Dress pattern!

Gelato Blouse + Dress, sizes 16-30

As I mentioned the other day, this new size range begins at 16 and extends to 30. You can see that post for more detail about the process we used for developing this new range of sizes and how it differs from our 0-20 size range.

Gelato Blouse + Dress, sizes 16-30

Gelato Dress, sizes 16-30

The first pattern I’ll introduce you to in this new sizing is the Gelato Blouse + Dress, which we released in the 0-20 size range a few weeks ago. The dress is a gentle A-line style, not too flared and not too straight. It’s fitted through the shoulders so it looks neat and elegant, but it has just enough room through the body to keep you comfortable on the hottest days. The sweet angled double-welt pockets at the front are fun to sew and give you a place to stash your hands, keys, etc.

Gelato Dress pocket detail

The blouse option has a fun little peplum and button back.

Gelato Blouse, sizes 16-30

Gelato Blouse, sizes 16-30

In this pattern, I’ve given you two sleeve options: a simple short sleeve and a three-quarter sleeve with a ruffle for a little flare. The sleeves are interchangeable, of course. And while the Gelato Dress has a simple center-back seam (for more efficient fabric usage), the Gelato Blouse has a button-up back. Not because you need to fasten or unfasten the buttons, mind you. They’re just a pretty design detail which I think has a subtle sexiness to it.

And, as in all our patterns, we include full instructions for doing a full bust adjustment. I like to include pieces for various cup sizes whenever possible, but when that’s not feasible we show you how to make the alteration yourself. Don’t be scared–it’s very easy.

Gelato Dress

But don’t stop there! You can easily mix and match style details. Remove the back button placket from the blouse and cut the blouse with the center-back seam. Add the button placket to the dress instead, if you like. Add the 3/4 ruffle sleeve to the dress, sew the blouse with the short sleeve, maybe even drop the ruffle and lengthen it a bit to turn the peplum into a dress. I could keep going, believe me. Actually, I did keep going in my last Weekend Links post when I included lots of ideas for our upcoming sew-along for this pattern. So order your pattern quickly, because we’ll start preparing for the sew-along this Wednesday when we talk about fabric and styling options. You still have time to join us!

Liesl + Co. Gelato Blouse + Dress sew along

The Gelato pattern is well suited to a wide variety of light- to medium-weight woven fabrics including quilting cotton, chambray, voile, lawn, shirting, poplin, broadcloth, linen, rayon, silk shantung or dupioni, wool suiting, and lightweight jacquard. Both the dress and the blouse in these photos were sewn using Japanese double gauze. (With a big thank you to our friends a Nunoya for providing them!)

Gelato Dress, sizes 16-30

Gelato Blouse

Take a look at my Liesl + Co Gelato Blouse + Dress Pinterest board for more fabric and styling ideas for this pattern. And stay tuned for the sew-along. We’ll have a special tutorial or two during it to show you some extra tricks for customizing this pattern. There are so many ways to sew it!

You can pick up your own copy of the Gelato Blouse + Dress pattern in digital format in either our original sizes or in our expanded size range. As always, I can hardly wait to see what you make with this pattern. Tag your photos #gelatoblousedress and #lieslandco, will you? And I hope you’ll join us for the sew-along!




  1. Marcia Swanston

    Just bought the regular size range and wish I had known you were extending your sizes! I would have waited!

  2. Susan Terrill

    The items are beautiful. I thought the fabric was Nani Rio. Could you mention if it is organic cotton or not? Are most Japanese fabrics organic?

    1. Susan, it is Nani Iro. As far as I know her fabrics, manufactured by Kokka, are not organic. But if you’re interested in organic there are several companies manufacturing organic fabric including Cloud9 and Mona Luna.

  3. Ellen Knudsen

    Liesl will the expanded size range become available as a paper pattern? I’m not a fan of digital patterns and would love to buy both of these

    1. Ellen, we’d love to print them! Right now we simply can’t afford to provide them in paper, but if the response is good we’ll absolutely do our best to get them out in a paper format. For the time being keep in mind that with the PDF file we provide a print shop (large format) option so you don’t have to tape the pieces together.

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