sew + tell: woodland stroll and forest path capes

Happy September! With fall (or spring) weather it’s nice to have light outerwear that can be layered to accommodate a variety of temperatures. Our cape patterns are just the ticket here. Visiting us today from our Advisors Circle is Emily who has stopped by with her Teaching a Child to Sew with Girl on the Go and the Extra-Sharp Pencil Skirt Sew-along. Now she’s here to give us the scoop on her trio of capes.

Liesl + Co. Woodland Stroll and Oliver + S Forest Path Capes

Name: Emily
Where can we find you on the internet? Blog, Instagram

Project Details

Ansley is an avid reader and recently devoured The Ranger’s Apprentice Series. The protagonists have special ranger cloaks for camouflage and protection from the elements. We discussed how it would be fun to sew an “every day ranger cape,” one that could be worn in practical situations in our era like going to school or ballet class or a day hike in the forest. I remembered the Forest Path Cape and decided it was time to sew her one! Of course, once I’d sewn one for her, Lisbon and I wanted capes too! I love how this is a classy look and it is the perfect layer for fall or spring (or southern California winter).

Patterns: Liesl + Co. Woodland Stroll Cape and Oliver + S Forest Path Cape
Fabrics: Ansley’s is a flannel outer layer with a cotton lining. Lisbon’s is a luxe fleece outer layer with a poly lining. Emily’s is the same luxe fleece outer layer with a cotton lining.

Oliver + S Forest Path Capes

Did the fabrics work well?

Yes. I knew the flannel was lighter than called for in the pattern but couldn’t find a thicker fabric that we liked. It worked better than I expected! Lisbon’s floral lining was a fabric I had in The Stash. I love how it looks. Unfortunately it tends to snag and run very easily. The luxe fleece is thick and cozy and has a bit of sparkle to it. Using cotton as a lining (not called for the in pattern) makes the capes feel like a cozy blanket.

How did the sewing go?

The sewing went really well! Before sewing a project I often google the pattern to see other versions, pick up sizing or sewing tips, etc. Lightning McStitch had posted a Forest Path Cape using the collar from the Sunday Brunch Jacket pattern. I loved the look it gave! Since I wanted a hood for Ansley’s and Lisbon’s, I decided to try the hood from the School Days Jacket. I was able to use the hood (love the three piece hood!!) for Lisbon’s but Ansley is out of the size range. I used a hood from a different pattern that didn’t fit together as nicely but I was able to make it work. I sewed my cape as is and love it. My favorite part of sewing this pattern is the tidy and beautifully shaped curved pieces. There is a simple technique in the instructions but I’ve never seen it detailed in other patterns I’ve sewn. I used snaps for Ansley’s and buttons for mine and Lisbon’s. I love the ease of the snaps but our fabrics were too thick for snaps. Lisbon also only wanted one button on the front of hers. I did size up the capes for my girls because I like to get more than a few months’ wear out of them. I don’t think they look disproportionately too big.

Oliver + S Forest Path Capes

What was the best part?

Overall this was a lovely sew. I like the slimmer silhouette and that it looks nice with jeans and nice with a dress.

Thanks for having me!

Thanks Emily!

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  1. Elisabeth

    These are so great for you and your girls, and I love the look of that floral lining!

    1. Thank you Elisabeth!

  2. Erica

    These capes (for mom and mini-me’s) are adorable!

    1. Thanks so much Erica!!

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