mapping flat s’s travels

It’s been a couple months since we last heard from our friend Flat S. We don’t worry too much when she goes quiet for a period of time because we know she’s having fun visiting new friends. We trust that she’s safe and sound, but we still miss her and think of her every so often.

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We were remembering her the other day, and we realized that it was about time we updated the map of her travels. Wow, has she really gotten around the world! Click here or on the image of the map below to interact with it and find out more about her journey so far.

Click on the image for an interactive map

She originally left our Brooklyn studio in March, 2013. Four and a half years later, here’s what she’s accomplished in her travels.

You can see all the blog posts chronicling Flat S’s journey on this page. We can’t wait to find out where she’s been lately. Can you?




  1. Unlike our child, at least she doesn’t grow! I wonder if she’ll ever come back to visit us again. Maybe this is early practice for letting go? Safe travels, Flat S! xo

  2. That was a nice flash back.

    Roots and wings Liesl, I read that somewhere and it is so true. I have two more fluttering away next year.

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