flat s is back in the states

Flat S is back in the States! After traveling home from Australia, she arrived at Melani McNeilly’s house in South Carolina a few weeks ago, just in time for a bit of snow–and to celebrate a very special occasion. It also looks like she made a great new friend. Let’s turn this post over to Melani for her summary of Flat S’s visit.

Flat S came to us from Sydney, Australia, and A was so excited to have her. The weather (lots of cold rain, blah) and my work schedule cancelled some of the fun things we were hoping to do with Flat S, but we still made the best of our time together. North and South Carolina generally see spells of ice and a smattering of snow from time to time, but we got lucky this winter and wound up with just shy of a foot of snow to play in (big deal for us here!). A was so very excited, and couldn’t wait to get outside. She and S rolled giant snowballs and made lots of snow angels.






We were also happy to have Flat S visiting during a very special occasion: A turned 5!

My schedule has been much more busy than I’d like, but Flat S was sweet enough to keep me company one night while I sewed new pillowcases for A’s birthday.


flat-s in nc - helper


And later, Flat S helped open gifts from mommy and daddy, and A shared her new horse book with Flat S.


flat-s in nc - gifts


flat-s in nc - reading


Flat S has turned out to be a very sweet companion for A. I found the girls playing with birthday goodies the next morning.


flat-s in nc - morning playtime


flat-s in nc - castle


A is in love with horses and brought Flat S along for her first riding lessons! A has, for 8 months, counted down the days until her 5th birthday so she could begin lessons. As we suspected, she loved it and already can’t wait until week’s end when she’ll be back in the saddle, though she’ll miss sharing her lessons with Flat S.


flat-s in nc - horse


We’ve had fun with Flat S, even though we haven’t been able to get her out to all the places we’d hoped. A is very sad to see her go, and asked if she could extend her stay for one more night. I found the girls up to shenanigans, dragging around cushions and eating cookies on the couch during a movie.


flat-s in nc - movie


We’ll miss you, Flat S, but look forward to your next adventures.

Thanks, Melani, for showing S such a good time. We can’t wait to see where she’s headed next.




  1. How special to share a birthday.
    What a beautiful post.

  2. Colette

    All those activities and pictures are so sweet, but I loooove the snow angels! ;o)

  3. How lovely Melani!
    The first photo is so precious and it does look like they had lots of fun 🙂
    Your horse lover birthday girl is getting so big.

  4. Sarvi

    Snow angels and birthdays and horses, oh my! I love it, and love seeing sweet A!

  5. Love the pic of the girls cuddling on the lounge reading – great post Mel!

  6. Looks like you had a lovely visit. Happy Birthday, A!!

  7. Looks like Flat S had a really fun time hanging out with Miss A! How special that she was there for A’s birthday.:)

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