flat s: first stop, Idaho!

Flat S just dropped us a line from the first stop on her tour. She was fortunate enough to spend a little time getting to know the wonderful Karen and her family in Idaho.

The Flat S Tour Logo

Karen’s family sent back a lovely story about the visit. So without further ado, I’ll turn this post over to them.

Once upon a time a slender girl named Flat S, eager for a trip around the world, arrived in suburban Idaho.  The Knight Family was elated by her arrival and spent several weeks showing her the everyday life of a family of six.

Flat S, cared for by her friend Real Bethany, enjoyed long afternoons together on the trampoline with Bethany and her little brother.


Flat S on the Trampoline


Practicing piano . . .


Flat S at the Piano


and lazy Saturday mornings playing their favorite computer games.

Flat S was a natural at caring for Webkinz and Bethany shared all her secrets for beating her brothers at their favorite games.


Flat S on the Computer


Flat S enjoyed running errands with us,


Flat S in the car


and Bethany’s basketball team, the Lady Sparks, let Flat S warm up with them.  Flat S is a real natural at sports and is a terrific cheerleader.


Flat S on the court


Flat S on the court, again


The lady can’t survive on athletics and Minecraft alone.  Hello, ballet.


Flat S at ballet


Don’t forget to stretch, Flat S!


Flat S at ballet, two


Flat S at ballet, three


My, that’s a lovely First Position, S!


Flat S at ballet, four


It wasn’t all fun and games, dancing, and bouncing.  Academics are important to Liesl, Todd, and Real S so we made sure Flat S kept up with her school work.  She fit right into Bethany’s third grade class at Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary


Flat S at School


and showed herself to be an excellent reader.


Flat S at School, 2


*ahem*  Girls, would you like to share that with the rest of us?


Flat S at School, 3


The students had been sharing their recently returned Flat Selves all week so they were eager to meet Flat S and learn about how far she had come.

Here is New York . . .


Flat S at School, 4


And here is Idaho (streeetch, Bethany!)


Flat S at School, 5


Before sending Flat S on her way we celebrated spring with cookie decorating.  Don’t worry, Liesl, she brushed her teeth after eating all that frosting and sprinkles.


Flat S decorates cookies


Flat S decorates cookies, 2


And just like that, our time with Flat S came to a close.  She folded herself up and was on her way.


In the mail


Bon Voyage, Flat S! Thanks for visiting!


In the mail, 2


We can’t wait to find out where S is headed and what she’ll do next! Thanks for hosting her, Karen.




  1. Such fun!

  2. Looks like flat S had a blast with Bethany!

  3. Sandi

    Indeed – very fun. I enjoyed this post so much. Looking forward to the next installment.

  4. Top secret? I’m on the edge of my seat for the next story!

  5. Cindy

    Looks like Flat S had a great time with the Knight family!

  6. Oooh – love the mystery ending! And all the stories – she looks as though she was enjoying ballet especially!

  7. Too funny.

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