flat s travels through spain

When we last saw Flat S, she was sitting by the swimming pool, enjoying the Spanish summer sun along the coast of the Mediterranean. It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on her whereabouts, but that’s because she has been too busy to write.

It turns out that Flat S has been taking a months-long road trip vacation all over Spain. (That lucky girl!) She’s been driving around in an old Spanish car (and there’s something important about that jug on the roof too, but I forget what it is–comments, please, if you know) and stopping to visit sewists who are followers of the Spanish fabric store, Telaria. She’s even developed her own logo for the trip.




She has driven pretty much around the country and has seen all the sites Spain has to offer. This is a map of where she’s been since she last checked in with us.


Flat S tour of Spain


Flat S’s Spanish hostesses have been putting posts up on their blogs and writing in to Telaria with notes and photos documenting her stops. You can read about all of her adventures (and see more photos of her travels) on the Telaria blog. Rachel was kind enough to pull together a recap of Flat S’s adventuress for us so that we can catch up on what she’s been doing over the last several months. Click through to see a full blog post with details on what she did at each of her stops!

Flat S’s first stop after Barcelona was Benidorm, a touristy city on the Mediterranean coast. Flat S spent her days at the beach accompanied by Charo and her husband, along with many thousands of tourists that make this city alive and colorful.


Flat S in Spain

Flat S then visited Valencia, which is very close to Benidorm, and enjoyed a lot of great Spanish food with Momita. Flat S sure ate well while she was there!


Flat S in Spain


After Valencia, Flat S flew to Mallorca, a beautiful island, where she made friends with J, Maria José’s son. Kids’ games, knitting, and sewing lessons made for a wonderful weekend.


Flat S in Spain


Next up, Flat S went back to the mainland, to Madrid (the capital city of Spain) where Sonia and Sofia spent a whole day in the park with her.


Flat S in Spain


And the following day, Flat S visited Diana and Atenea. She got dressed in the traditional Goyesca suit that Diana made especially for her, and they took her on a cultural trip to Alcalá de henares. It is a village full of history and good food. Flat S (unlike the real S, unfortunately) loves Spanish food. The more jamón the better!


Flat S in Spain


Then Flat S headed north. She met Ana in Asturias, and spent a few days discovering the local architecture and gastronomy, and enjoying the local fiestas.


Flat S in Spain


Still in northern Spain, Flat S visited Euskadi, an area full of green mountains. Maider took her around to show her the magnificent landscape. She also had a taste of the world famous Basque cuisine, of course.


Flat S in Spain


After that, Flat S drove down to Sevilla, in southern Spain. In Sevilla many friends waited for her, and she had the chance to play games with lots of children. On Halloween, she felt at home with Maria and her daughters, as they went trick-or-treating together.


Flat S in Spain


Still in Sevilla, Flat S spent a day in the center of the city with Lola and Carmen. Just like Liesl, Flat S has a thing for beautiful Spanish tile.


Flat S in Spain


Flat S is really becoming quite the citizen of the world, isn’t she? Here she spent yet another day in Sevilla and played with Maria’s daughter and her friend.


Flat S in Spain


Next, Flat S headed back to where she started near Barcelona and spent a little more time with her friends Miren (founder of Telaira), Miren’s husband Carlos, and their daughter who took Flat S to flamenco class with her.


Flat S in Spain


Flat S was nearing the end of her time in Spain, but she had a few more sites to see. Mari Cruz from Barcelona took her to along on a short weekend trip to the gorgeous medieval city of Girona.


Flat S in Spain


Finally back in Barcelona, Flat S got a change of clothes and had a farewell-to-Spain party with Monica’s children.


Flat S in Spain


What a few months Flat S had in Spain! We hope we included everyone who hosted her. If we overlooked a stop,  please leave a note and a link in the comments, and we’ll update the post.

Rumor has it that Flat S has left the country, but that she’s still somewhere on the Iberian peninsula. As always, we’re looking forward to seeing where she goes next!

Gracias a nuestras amigas (y nuestros uno o dos amigos) en España!




  1. Oh, so many happy memories of our trip to Spain last summer! And so wonderful to see many of the friends we made while there. Thanks for hosting Flat S, everyone!

  2. This is so unbelievably great! I thought for a second that was THE Charo and almost hyperventilated but the Charo that it is looks even friendlier and more fun. This is the absolute most I’ve wanted to be flat-packable myself yet. What an awesome sewing community in Spain!

  3. It is so great to see all those memories together!! It has been such an honor and a pleasure to host her around Spain. If someone would have told me just two years ago, when we started Telaria, that we would have YOU all and Flat S at home, I would have probably collapsed.
    Todd, that jar on the roof. It is called BOTIJO, and it is like the amphora to the Romans. The botijo is a very traditional spanish way of keeping water cool in hot weather. You pour water into it and the porous clay keeps it clean and fresh. To drink from it you have to lift it up high and let the water come through a small hole, sort of a small fountain-like. And there is a story about the car too. This model is called Seat 600, and it was a very popular model back in the sixties, because it was the first affordable car for standard families. So you could see a whole family of six packed in this small car, traveling through Spain on their way to the beaches.
    We chose the most iconic retro stuff to celebrate Flat S Spanish tour. Not fancy hotels or anything, just visiting the family and sleeping over at their homes. Just like when the car was first released.
    I am sure she enjoyed her trip as much as we enjoyed having her around. And we would love to have the whole of the Oliver & S family back too.

    1. Thanks for reminding me Miren! I’m sorry I forgot the first time. We’re all looking forward to spending more time in Spain soon.

  4. This is fabulous! What a wonderful community, and such a nice way to travel being passed from family to family. Lucky flat S!!
    I especially love the map and her personalised postcard.

  5. Una entrada preciosa. Fue un placer tener con nosotros a Flat, lo pasamos de maravilla y estamos deseando que vuelva con nosotros.

    A beautiful entrance. It was a pleasure to have with us Flat, had a blast and can not wait to come back with us.

  6. Maria R

    It was a pleasure having Flat S with us for a few days. We miss her a lot and hope she will be back to Spain soon.

  7. From S flay t have enjoyed not only these exceeding great seamstresses but all their followers. I envy you girls !!! lucky you had!

  8. Ayyyy qué pena!!!, no veo a mis chiquitinas…
    Pese a ello, muy bonita entrada!!

  9. It was such a great experience! We loved every minute of Flat S’s stay.
    Thanks Miren for giving us the chance to be part of these “sarao”, it’s been very special.
    Atenea still misses Flat S!

    thank you!!!


  10. Neha

    wow beautiful place, and cute photos.

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