flat s heads back to madrid

I guess that Flat S can’t seem to get enough of Spain. Whether it’s the architectural beauty of Madrid, the art at the Prado, or the tapas, something keeps drawing her back.

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We just received word that after her UK visit over Easter, Flat S decided to head back to Spain where she paid a visit to Rita and her family in Madrid. Rita is from Portugal originally. She has two children, a three-year-old son and a daughter who is one and a half. Rita and her friend and work colleague Fatima blog together at Conversas de Hermanas. Here’s Rita with word on what Flat S did on her recent visit back to the Spanish capital city.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Flat S knocking at our door! I’m a big fan of Oliver + S and have sewed a lot of their patterns already.

The kids were staring at her suspiciously; she is quite a lot bigger than they are. They wanted to take her everywhere and were fighting for her all the time. (I had to hide her in my office; otherwise she wouldn’t have lasted until her next stop.)

Flat S told us she was a little tired of so many touristic visits, plus she already knew Madrid. It was quite a relief because I’m not much of a “touristic places” kind of person.

We threw her a party with all our friends.








She had a lot of fun playing with so many kids.




We made water wars in the garden almost every day because that’s my kids favourite game and the weather is really hot around here.

My kids love to eat, and their favourite plan is to go out for tapas. We took Flat S to our favourite tapas place, and she loved the tortilla and the croquetas.






Of course Teresinha had to wear some Oliver + S, so she chose the Class Picnic Tunic.




Flat S was so happy that she arrived just in time to meet Fatima’s new baby. She couldn’t wait until they went home, so we went to the hospital to see little Jaime.




Flat S was a little sad that Blanca (Fatima’s older daughter) wasn’t there because she was looking forward to meeting her. She had seen so many pictures of her in Oliver + S clothes…. Maybe next time.

Francisco and Teresinha were so sad when, after a bed time story, I told them that Flat S was going away to spend some time with another family.

It was a pleasure to have Flat S with us! She is more than welcome to come back anytime. Bye, bye Flat S. I’m sure you will have a great time on your next stop! Have a safe trip!






Thanks for hosting her, Rita, and it’s nice to know she was a well behaved guest. We’re looking forward to finding out where Flat S is headed next.




  1. Brenda

    Love reading about Flat S and her travels. How does she choose her hosts?

    1. Brenda, she doesn’t! Whoever has her for a visit chooses who to send her to next. We never know where she is or where she’s headed until we get a report back from someone who has hosted her.

  2. It was a pleasure to have Flat S with us… We miss her a lot! 😉

  3. It looks like Flat S had lots of fun in Madrid 🙂
    Obviously she had to love “tapas” – these look so yummy!
    PS: Baby Jaime is adorable! Cute picture.

  4. Looks like Flat S had a great time!! 🙂

  5. How wonderful that Flat S does maternity ward visits! The picture with the newborn baby is priceless.
    I love a hot day garden party water fight too! Lovely visit Rita, thanks for sharing your family life with us.

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