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We have received another report on the great adventures that Flat S is having. She just took a little beach vacation with Cindy Meinen and her family. How wonderful of them to take her along! You can find out more about Cindy on her blog, Siestas and Sewing, or follow her on Twitter where she is @BeachMomX4.


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Here’s Cindy’s report on all the fun and sun Flat S experienced on her family beach vacation.

Flat S arrived mid-week in Virginia Beach, VA from England, excited to find out that she was in time to tag along on our week long vacation/family reunion at the beach!  But first we had a trip to Mount Trashmore to drop K off for her cross country conditioning.


What is Mount Trashmore, you ask?  It’s literally a 60′ hill made by compacting layers of trash and clean soil that has been transformed into a 165 acre park for the community to enjoy.  There are two lakes, two playgrounds, a skate park and vert ramp, and multi-use paths. K has conditioning there once a week, running the multi-use path and then doing hill work to prepare for the high school cross country team tryouts. Flat S wasn’t too keen on running with K, but she enjoyed exploring the hill with M, P, and B.

Saturday soon arrived and it was time to head out to the beach. We live a little more than 15 miles from our favorite beach, Sandbridge. The kids’ grandparents rented a house this year right on the ocean and at our favorite surf spot, S turns.  Absolutely Stellar was our home for the week.


We love Sandbridge because of its laid back, family friendly atmosphere. Crowds are sparse, as is the parking, so if you’re driving down for a day at the beach on a weekend, I’d suggest you arrive early if you want to utilize the free, on-street parking spaces.


Flat S was keen to hit the waves as she had heard that most of the Meinen family enjoys surfing.


Sunday evening some of the group drove down to the Sandbridge Pier as the waves were a little better down there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a swell the week we spent at the beach, so no epic day-long surfing sessions this year.



But that’s okay as there were plenty of other activities to keep Flat S and the rest of the Meinens busy.




And when Flat S was tired of the ocean and sand, it was time to hit the pool.


After a long day out in the sun, we headed inside for a rousing game of foosball. Flat S is quite the competitor!


She played until the sun went down.


We had a great week at Sandbridge with Flat S and enjoyed showing her all the things we love about the beach.


Thank you for visiting and being an honorary Meinen for the week. We can’t wait to hear about your adventures at the next stop on your journey. Safe Travels, Flat S!

Thanks to Cindy and all the Meinens for showing Flat S such a great time at the beach. Where could she be headed next?




  1. Karen

    My favorite yet. So much to love.

  2. Susanne

    Fantastic, makes me want to be an honorary Meinen too!

  3. Sarvi

    That surfing shot is just incredible! Love this series so much.

  4. Peta

    Awesome Cindy!

  5. Tamara

    Wow! Lots of fun and what a beautiful beautiful spot!

  6. How fun Cindy! My favorite photo is the one of Flat S being buried in the sand… looks like she had a wonderful time at the beach.

  7. Thanks, everyone! It was fun to share one of our favorite places with the Oliver + S community.:) Sarvi, My niece took the surfing picture. It was actually of one of the guys but with a little photo editing magic, I was able to get Flat S on a wave. The original plan was to get someone holding her in front of them while surfing but when I was ready take pictures, the swell had disappeared and there were no rideable waves.

  8. Epic beach trip for the Meinens and Flat S! So many fun places she has been so far, I may be a little jealous;) And P.S. Cindy, awesome sauce photoshop skillz!

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