gallery tunic + dress sew-along starts today

Just a friendly reminder that the Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along is beginning today, and it’s not too late to join. Order the digital pattern, and you can be sewing in just a matter of minutes!

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along

It’s really a sewing pattern you’ll love and use, and make it your style. Who’s sewing along with us this week?

If you’d like any inspiration for fabrics for this project, have a peek over here. Also check out Liesl’s styling inspiration post. Sew along with your friends, if you haven’t already checked out what the panelists have planned, have a look from: Carmen, Kristi, Lori, Rachel, and Sara.

Here is the daily plan for this week’s Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along:

  • Day 1 (today): Prepare the tunic/dress back
  • Day 2 (Tuesday): Assemble the placket
  • Day 3 (Wednesday): Prepare and attach the collar
  • Day 4 (Thursday): Attach the sleeves and pockets and sew the side seams
  • Day 5 (Friday): Sew the sleeve cuffs, hem the tunic/dress, and finish the sleeves cuffs

Join us over in the Discussion Forums Sew Alongs group for Day 1.

And when you have completed your Gallery Tunic or Dress, post a photo of it somewhere, then include it in linky party right here.


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  1. Joanne wright

    Could the tunic be made with buttons all the way down the front or would the neck not lie correctly.

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