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digital hopscotch skirt, knit top, + dress sewing pattern

digital hopscotch skirt, knit top, + dress sewing pattern
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It's your turn to play. This girl's skirt, knit top, and knit dress pattern features a gathered skirt (designed for woven fabrics) with elastic-back waistband, front button placket, and an interesting pocket detail inspired by the shape of a takeout box. The close-fitting pullover knit top or dress with interesting neckband includes both long- and short-sleeve options. Top and dress are designed only for knits with at least 25% stretch.

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digital hopscotch skirt, knit top, + dress sewing pattern
  • Digital Patterns

    This style is provided as a digital pattern. It may be printed on both home printers (using either 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 paper) and at service bureaus that handle 36" wide sheets. When you complete your order, you will be provided with a unique code to instantly download the pattern. See our digital product policy for full details.

    Printing Information, Sizes 6M-4:

    • Instructions: 14 pages
    • Tiled pattern pieces: 22 pages
    • 36-inch pattern sheets: 1 page
    • A0 pattern sheets: not available for this pattern

    Printing Information, Sizes 5-12:

    • Instructions: 14 pages
    • Tiled pattern pieces: 34 pages
    • 36-inch pattern sheets: 1 page
    • A0 pattern sheets: not available for this pattern


    Girl's skirt, knit top, and knit dress pattern. Gathered skirt (designed for woven fabrics) features elastic-back waistband, front button placket, and pleated pocket detail. Pullover, gathered-front knit top or dress includes both long- and short-sleeve options. Top and dress are designed only for knits with at least 25% stretch.

    Skills Used

    Each of our patterns calls on a unique set of sewing skills. Haven't ever done one of these things before? Don't worry. We'll walk you through it, step by step.

    After successfully sewing this pattern, you will have developed the following skills: buttonholes, flat-set sleeves, knit fabric, patch pockets, plackets, pleat, and pleats.

    Suggested Fabrics

    Top or Dress: Interlock, jersey, textured knit, lightweight double knit, and matte jersey. (The knit fabric should have at least 25% stretch.)
    Skirt: Light- to medium-weight woven fabrics like quilting cotton, broadcloth, shirting, poplin, fine-wale corduroy, twill, denim, chambray, and linen.


    Top or Dress: Coordinating thread, lightweight fusible interfacing.
    Skirt: Coordinating thread, 3/8" or 1/2" buttons (four for sizes 6–24 M, five for all other sizes), lightweight fusible interfacing, 1/2 yard of 3/4"-wide elastic.

    digital hopscotch skirt, knit top, + dress sewing pattern

    Fabric Guide (fabric width: 44"-45"; knit fabric width: 60")

    SIZE 6-12 M 12-18 M 18-24 M 2T 3T 4
    View A 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard
    View B 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 1 yard
    View C 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 1 yard 1 yard 1 yard 1 yard

    SIZE 5 6 7 8 10 12
    View A 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 1 1/4 yards 1 1/4 yards 1 1/2 yards
    View B 1 yard 1 yard 1 yard 1 1/4 yards 1 1/4 yards 1 1/4 yards
    View C 1 yard 1 yard 1 1/4 yards 1 1/4 yards 1 1/4 yards 1 1/4 yards

    Finished Measurements

    SIZE 6-12 M 12-18 M 18-24 M 2T 3T 4
    Chest 19" 20" 21" 21 1/2" 22" 22 1/2"
    Skirt Length 8 1/2" 9 1/4" 10" 10 3/4" 11 1/2" 12 1/2"
    Top Length* 11" 11 1/2" 12 1/4" 13" 13 3/4" 14 1/4"
    Dress Length* 16" 17 1/4" 18 1/4" 19 1/2" 20 3/4" 22"
    Short Sleeve Length** 7" 7 1/4" 7 1/2" 7 1/2" 8" 8 1/4"
    Long Sleeve Length** 12 3/4" 13 1/2" 14 1/2" 15 1/2" 16 1/2" 17 3/4"

    SIZE 5 6 7 8 10 12
    Chest 23 1/2" 25" 26" 27" 28 1/2" 29 1/2"
    Skirt Length 13 1/4" 14" 14 3/4" 15 1/2" 16 1/4" 17"
    Top Length* 15" 15 1/2" 16 1/4" 17" 17 1/2" 18 1/4"
    Dress Length* 23 1/2" 25" 26 1/2" 28 1/4" 29 3/4" 31 1/4"
    Short Sleeve Length** 8 3/4" 9" 9 1/2" 10" 10 1/4" 10 1/2"
    Long Sleeve Length** 19" 20 1/2" 21 3/4" 23" 24 1/4" 25 1/4"

    * Measured from shoulder at neckline
    ** From center back neck edge of garment

  • English System
    Size Chest
    6-12M 19 19 ½ 19 ½ 27-29 17-22
    12-18M 19 ¾ 20 ½ 20 ½ 29-31 22-27
    18-24M 20 ½ 21 21 31-33 27-30
    2T 21 21 22 33-36 30-33
    3T 21 ½ 21 23 36-39 33-36
    4 22 ½ 21 ½ 24 39-42 36-39
    5 23 ½ 22 25 ½ 42-45 39-44
    6 24 ½ 22 ½ 26 ½ 45-49 45-55
    7 25 ½ 23 27 ½ 49-52 56-64
    8 26 ½ 23 ½ 28 ½ 52-54 65-72
    10 28 24 30 54-56 73-77
    12 29 25 31 ½ 56-58 78-82


    Metric System
    Size Chest
    6-12M 48 50 50 69-74 8-10
    12-18M 50 52 51 74-79 10-12
    18-24M 52 53 56 79-84 12-14
    2T 53 53 56 84-91 14-15
    3T 55 53 58 91-99 15-16
    4 57 55 61 99-107 16-18
    5 60 56 65 107-114 18-20
    6 62 57 67 114-124 20-25
    7 65 58 70 124-132 25-29
    8 67 60 72 132-137 29-33
    10 71 61 76 137-142 33-35
    12 74 64 80 142-147 35-37


  • Average rating: (4.8 of 5) based on 18 reviews

      A new wardrobe staple
    Reviewed by Jessica Henderson ( Verified Buyer) on 04/27/2020
    I purchased this pattern for the top. I was bored with simple tees and loved the little extra detail on this. I have made 5 versions because my daughter LOVES this style. The pattern was easy to sew and the directions were clear. Could not be happier with it!
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      Such a cute neckline
    Reviewed by Linda on 01/30/2019
    I purchased this pattern for the skirt, but have made this darling top 4 times. Such an easy sew with professional results.
    Was this helpful?
    Reviewed by Miranda ( Verified Buyer) on 11/11/2017
    I have two girls, 8 yrs and almost 4 yrs. I've made 2 Hopscotch dresses and a two long sleeve tunics. Theyre adorable and my girls love them! I've had to tweak the sizes a little for both kids around thee neckline so it fits over their heads easier, and I make sure to have a smaller seam allowance for the sleeves so it's not too tight around their arms. After these easy tweaks the outfits are a total hit. I even added a kangaroo pocket on the tunics, which were sewn in a thin koala print sweatshirt knit. I recommend this pattern, especially if you want wiggle room for creativity.
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      My new favourite pattern
    Reviewed by Ann ( Verified Buyer) on 08/01/2017
    This pattern is value packed. The skirt is adorable with those take out pockets. I've also made it without the front button placket for my daughter who doesn't like buttons. I've found the shirt runs a little on the small side. My daughter loves this as a dress and I think it might be like wearing secret pyjamas all day!
    Was this helpful?
      Cute top (and easy to sew!)
    Reviewed by Gayatri ( Verified Buyer) on 03/28/2017
    This was my first time sewing with knits, and it was much smoother than I expected! The instructions are clear and straightforward for someone who hasn't sewn with knits before. I've made both the top and the dress and they both sew up quickly and look really cute. I agree with another reviewer - it does fit quite small, and I had to go up a size for my daughter when I made her the dress (she's usually between a size 2 and 3 in oliver + s patterns but I made her a size 4 dress).
    Was this helpful?
      Great wardrobe staple!
    Reviewed by Kelly Utke ( Verified Buyer) on 03/17/2017
    I have made the top and dress from this pattern many times. The first time I used a long sleeve dress as nightgowns for my daughters. I have also paired the top with the playtime leggings for pajamas. My youngest daughter has a few of these tops for school, and I just completed a dress for summer. The yoke and the gathering make this top/dress extra special. I have never made the skirt, however, it is on my list!
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      Perfect Christmas Pajamas!
    Reviewed by Lindy ( Verified Buyer) on 12/28/2016
    Have never sewn with knits before and decided to make long sleeve nightgowns with lettuce hem for my twins in Christmas print. Everything came together so perfectly and easily! Will definitely be using this pattern for nightgowns in the future.
    Was this helpful?
      Perfect School Skirt
    Reviewed by Tamera N. ( Verified Buyer) on 08/21/2016
    I made the Hopscotch skirt out of medium weight denim and added a Hong Kong finish to the inside seams. The pattern was a snap to follow and the finished skirt looked great when it was finished, though I would recommend going down a size for fit. A lighter weight denim would have been a better choice fabric, because the pockets were a tad hard to fold and the waist was stiff. Also, my denim had a lot more stretch than I realized and the front placket curved at the bottom below the last button, (the little girl I made the skirt for didn't care of course, but its driving me crazy!). I plan to make this skirt several more times using lighter fabric and maybe a baby corduroy. It's just adorable.
    Was this helpful?
      Cute dress
    Reviewed by Erica ( Verified Buyer) on 08/21/2016
    I've only sewn the dress yet but it's worth it for that alone. Dresses in this pattern tend to get lots of compliments when my daughter wears them. My favorite pattern for knits, hands down. As another reviewer mentioned, the dress is slim-ish fitting.
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      Nice pattern
    Reviewed by Denise ( Verified Buyer) on 06/06/2015
    Easy sewing, and looks great on.
    Was this helpful?
      Easy and classic patterns
    Reviewed by Jessica ( Verified Buyer) on 05/28/2015
    I love this pattern. I've made both the skirt and dress. The only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because the 2T skirt waist is so wide! Even using a shorter piece of elastic in the back the skirt barely stays on my 3 year old's waist.
    31 of 31 customers found this helpful.
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      Excellent pattern!
    Reviewed by Stacy Luce on 02/20/2015
    This is one of my favorite patterns! I've sewn the dresses in all sizes, 6-12 months through 5, and I've made the skirt in a couple different sizes as well. The skirt is darling and super easy to use adjustable elastic in. Easy projects and fantastic instructions!
    1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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      Cute and comfy!
    Reviewed by Emily C on 02/16/2015
    Got this pattern set for my three-year-old daughter. I've made one dress, two tops, and one skirt, and they all turned out great! I will likely make some more. The top is nice because it is as comfy and versatile as a t-shirt but just a little different.
    Was this helpful?
      Great shirt-turned-nightgown!
    Reviewed by Sherri Thread Riding Hood on 01/27/2015
    Loved using this to make Christmas nightgowns for my daughters. They turned out super-cute and I'll be making more for sure. I am also excited to use the skirt pattern - thought I haven't tried it yet.
    Was this helpful?
      Love the skirt! Knit top seems to run very small.
    Reviewed by Denise Best on 01/17/2015
    The hop scotch skirt is super cute! I made it with corduroy which turn out perfect. The knit top is also very cute, but seems to run extremely small compared to other Oliver + S patterns. I know knit has some stretch, but still struck me as too small.
    Was this helpful?
      My girls love this skirt
    Reviewed by Jessie on 12/03/2014
    Great pattern. Directions are easy to follow. I would recommend printing it at a shop to avoid possible printer issues and get around having to cut out and then tape the pattern together.
    Was this helpful?
      Great patterns
    Reviewed by Verna Sherwood on 11/25/2014
    I'm looking forward to sewing the hopscotch skirt and knit top for my granddaughter. Once I finish the quilt I'm working on I get to sew the 6 patterns I recently purchased from oliver+ s for her and my grandson who loves the shorts I made from the sandbox pants pattern. Amelia loves the ice-cream dress and has received many compliments on it, to which she exclaims, "my grammie made it for me"! I have also made several items from oliver + s little things to sew. The penguin backpack is a favorite of my grandson's All the oliver + s patterns are very fun to sew and if you are unsure how to do something in the pattern, it is clearly explained. Great way to add techniques to your knowledge. Also, I love the digital patterns, order, print it out, cut it out and sew all in the same day!
    Was this helpful?
      lovely dress!
    Reviewed by Michelle on 09/01/2014
    I used this pattern to make dresses for nieces and a friend who have fall birthdays. It sews up very easily, and looks adorable! I modified it a bit by using knit bias strips to bind the neck and arm holes.
    1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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  • Errata

    1. Note that in the first printing of this pattern, piece 10 was missing a notch for size 4. See the illustration below for the correct notch placement. This error was fixed in subsequent printings and in the digital version of this pattern.



    Determining Which Printing You Have

    As errata are discovered, they are marked for correction in subsequent printings of the pattern. To determine which printing of an instruction sheet or pattern sheet you have, look at the copyright box which appears on each. Toward the bottom of the box, there is a series of numbers.

    The lowest number you see there indicates which printing you have. For example, if the lowest number in the box on the instruction sheet is "2," you have an instruction sheet from the second printing. Any errors in the instructions mentioned for the first printing have been corrected in your version. If the lowest number in the box on the pattern sheet is "1," you have a copy of the pattern sheet from the first printing.

    Pattern sheets and instructions sheets can be printed separately, so be sure to check the errata notices for pattern pieces against the printing number on the pattern sheet and errata notices for instructions against the printing number on the instruction sheet.


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