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  • tutorial: convert a knit top pattern to maternity

    Looking to sew maternity clothing for yourself or a loved one? You don’t need a special pattern! This tutorial by Nicole walks you through adjusting almost any knit top for maternity wear.

    how to do a square shoulder adjustment

    Mire from the Advisors Circle wrote up a tutorial for the way she makes a square shoulder adjustment on the Classic Shirt pattern. If you’re interested in fitting, you’ll want to take a look.

    how to do a broad shoulder adjustment

    Do you have broad shoulders? If your tops feel tight across the shoulders, you may need a broad shoulder adjustment. A garment that is too narrow in the shoulders can pull at the armhole seams. The sleeves may look distorted, …

    adding welt pockets to the extra-sharp pencil skirt

    Shelley modified the Extra-Sharp Pencil Skirt to look even sharper, by borrowing a detail from another Liesl + Co. pattern. We think this is such a clever idea. Read on to see how she did it.

    add a drawstring to your everyday skirt

    The waistband of the Montauk Trousers has a fun drawstring detail that adds a little something to a casual pattern. Today Liesl will show you how to add a drawstring to the Everyday Skirt. You can adapt this tutorial to fit other patterns, too!

    tutorial: how to pattern-match a patch pocket

    Lori’s Montauk Trousers feature comfy patch pockets big enough to hold her cell phone. Wait, you can’t see them? Neither can we. She did an amazing job of matching the floral, and she’s here today to teach you how she did it!

    two ways to add flare to a skirt

    Are you interested in making a slim skirt more A-line in shape? We’ll show you how to add flare using our new Belgravia Knit Dress and Kensington Knit Skirt.