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    littlegirlkat @littlegirlkat

    I am having the hardest time with the sizing of this yoke! I’m getting really frustrated. I’ve made 3 different yokes and cut out 2 different sets of the body of the dress (thinking my cutting or seam allowance was off), but I keep getting the same results. My yoke is just about 1/2″ too big for the neckline. So when I pin it, it would overlap my piping. I did use store bought piping, didn’t make my own like the instructions say, which I wouldn’t think makes a difference, but maybe? It’s obviously something I’m doing because everyone else is having great results, but I’d love some help on what it might be! At this point, I just want to finish it do I’m going to rig it somehow to work, but I’d love to know the right way to do it. I LOVE the fabric I picked and the style of the dress and I hate that after all this work, it won’t be just right! I’d appreciate any ideas or thoughts on where I may have gone wrong. Thanks!!

    Liesl Gibson

    Check the size of your front pleat–that might be the culprit. And it does take some fiddling to get it properly pinned, but it shouldn’t be giving you that much trouble.

    If it continues to give you problems, you could always baste the piping to the wrong side of the yoke instead of the dress, and pin them to the dress together. That would give you a little more flexibility if you need to fudge a bit.

    What size are you making?

    Nicole @motherof5

    I made my own piping , and made it wider .

    Perhaps try it without the binding, there is quite a ‘jiggle’ factor involved.

    Have you checked your machine to make sure you are using the correct seam allowance? I have put a sticker to mark the most common required. It is important with this yoke to have that exact at each step .

    Make sure that you are not stretching the dress as you attach the yoke.

    I am going to have a think, do get back to the forum and let us know how you are going .

    JohannaO @JohannaO

    I just did this dress last night, and was ending up with the same problem, and couldn’t figure out what on earth I had done wrong, because I’ve already made this dress once with no problems. Finally, after picking the yoke out three times, I realized that I had zig-zagged the binding to the dress after basting, (because I really wanted a finished seam) and it no longer had the “stretch” that the dress needed to meet the yoke.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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