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Wrong Dress Size

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    2monkiemama @2monkiemama

    arrgghhhhh!!!!!! just made the sailorboat top (came out cute if i do say so myself…love it!!) PROBLEM…made in size 8 according to measurements and it was TOO SMALL for the “monkie)…….please, please, make this in a bigger size pattern. has this happened to anyone?, or am I the only #(*$)*$($ one?

    lattemama @lattemama

    I hear you! I made a beautiful size 4 Sailboat top for my girl that turned out too small.

    It’s a bit easier for me, I can always make a size 5 .. is it a lot too small or could you grade the pattern yourself a bit to make it fit?

    I found the biggest problem for us was that she felt it was too tight to put on. Once on it looked like it fit ok, but by then she was already against the whole idea (and 3 years old which doesn’t help either) and only wanted it OFF!

    What if you make it in a knit fabric? It has more ease?

    Good luck!

    Liesl Gibson

    I’m so sorry to hear this! When we tested the pattern we didn’t have any issues with fit. Is it the putting it on over the head part that’s the issue? Because it doesn’t have the stretch of knit fabrics but is a pull-on style, some children might find that it’s snug to pull on. But once it’s on it really should fit. (Of course, that doesn’t help if they can’t get it on!) Please do let me know.

    I agree with Lattemama that you might try making it in a knit instead, since that will stretch. I posted some tips for sewing with knits the other day that might help:


    sayiamyou @maraya

    I have made several of these sailboat shirts and found that knit worked the best re: getting the toddler into the shirt.

    That said, I still got her into the cotton shirts, but it did feel like getting the 2nd arm in was a little frustrating. Partly because she wiggles and is impatient with getting dressed (really, does any toddler have time for this??) and partly because the cotton just doesn’t give as well as the knit. Once on though they each (cotton ones and knit ones) fit well.

    Anonymous @

    I found that the patterns are on the smaller side but that said I have kids that are tall for their age. For me it worked to change the seam allowance from 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch and add an inch for length.

    I really hope that you will continue to bring out your patterns also for older children, maybe ages 8-12???. My daughter is now 7 but she needs the size 8 pattern and I am lost when she has outgrown that size. Same for my big boy. I just love the style of the clothes.

    Nicole @motherof5

    The new patterns do go up to 12 lillybeeandpaul , and they are lovely!

    Do check your measurements though , my children are all small for their age and I have had to size up with new patterns.

    marycds @marycds

    Oliver and S always fit my granddaughter just right. I was really surprised when I saw her in the sailboat top. It was small in the shoulders.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I remember it being a bit of a wriggle to get into when made up in firmer wovens when my daughter was little and didn’t have the hang of putting her tops on arms-first rather than head-first. No problems more recently or when made up in a knit. Might a different fabric help?

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I know for baby boy that knit goes on with no problem but woven fabrics are harder to get on/off of him. His lamb costume goes on pretty well but off is another story and it is 12-18 months. However his 6-12 month knit top it still plenty of growing room.

    sayiamyou @maraya

    I really like the fit of this (same for the jump rope dress), so I tried not to size up too much. My daughter’s “trick” for getting them on with no issue is “arms in, up, and over”. So she goes in arms first, then lifts her arms and the shirt goes over her head and on with ease. This eliminated all our wrestling.

    Tamara @justsewit

    I have this pattern but have used it just once. I would love to size the skirt up to fit my daughter as I still think it appropriate for her age group. It is a pity it didn’t include the larger sizes but it was one of the first patterns and they only went to an 8 back then.

    Perhaps the style could be revisited to include the larger sizes some how – maybe with a twist.

    I find the patterns that accommodate for both stretch and woven seem to be far roomier in the stretch – my kids are very tall children for their ages also so the fit is better in a stretch.

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