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Which size would you use (4 or 5)?

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    rebecca @rebecca

    My daughter is currently in the size 4 in the chest, with extra length added on top (she’s petite, but long-waisted), but a smaller size on pants (size 2)

    In the case of tops/dresses, most only go through size 4, then buy the next package for size 5+.

    So…if she’s currently a 4, do I stick with the smaller size for now? Or is the 5 not *too* much bigger, that I might be able to get away with that one? I simply hate to invest so much when it’s the last size (then again, I have no idea when she’ll grow again)

    rebecca @rebecca

    Hmmm…re-reading, that didn’t make sense…

    I was asking which size patterns to BUY (not use), if buying a new one! Buy the package size that goes UP to 4? Or buy the pattern size that begins at 5?

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Hm, that’s a bit tricky. I think I’d buy the smaller range for patterns that include bottoms, as it would be pretty tricky to narrow and shorten from 5 to 2, but get the larger range for dress-only or coat patterns. Do you have a sense of how much longer she’ll be in the 4s? Has she just recently grown into them, or been wearing 4s for a while and might be due to grow again soon? Mine is in a weird in betweenish stage too, less because of measurements than because of proportions, so right now I’m making 5s and living with a bit of roominess in certain things.

    Masha Richart

    I am in the same boat as you! My older girl is actually the length of a 6 but she is still a 2, 3 or 4 in width depending on the pattern. I mostly have the smaller ranges for now although I did buy the larger Playtime recently since she now takes a 4 width for the leggings and I am guessing that 5 won’t be that far off. I am thinking that when she gets taller I will need access to both size ranges when I am drafting for her, since I often need to consult the larger size for things like pant rise or underarm curve. So I guess it depends on the pattern. The Ice Cream dress, for example, is one that is fairly straightforward to lengthen and that I know the bodice size will cover me for a long time. But for the After-School Pants with the back yoke, I’d need both sizes in front of me. Does that make sense?

    meleliza @meleliza

    How old is your daughter? Because they grow more slowly as they get older. I’m thinking if you have a long wait, just get the smaller ones you really love now.

    I’ve recently adapted an old fashioned clothes policy: buy (or sew) quality and make it last. I’m buying 5 (and making) for my 4 1\2 year old, though she can still fit some size 4 dresses. However, I also made her some size 6 dresses because she needed long sleeved, but only for a little longer. I just roll up the sleeves until she’s a little taller. They’re roomy, but it’s fine for play clothes. I wouldn’t do this for a special occasion.

    Cat75 @Cat75

    I would buy the larger size. Unless you plan to make something right now, like an Easter dress or something special. I just can’t justify spending money on something I might not get around to using.

    kgiff @kgiff

    I decided to just buy the larger sizes. I’ve been patiently waiting to make a few for over a year. But I just couldn’t justify buying the smaller size when chances were I’d only get around to making it once.

    I did buy a couple smaller ones with the last sale though…

    rebecca @rebecca

    Thanks, y’all. I just measured and she’s a 2 for pants and a spot-on 4 for tops. Perhaps sticking with 4s for now, and sewing slightly narrower seam allowances as she grows will be best. With that big of a span between pants and tops, buying size 5+ for patterns with tops/pants would be useless!

    Nicole @motherof5

    I agree Rebecca
    My 6 year old measures a 2!

    Jess M. @mommy2maria

    I’m having this issue right now! I usually scale up. Only because I know we will wear it eventually! This said, I haven’t made many of the pants yet! Only shorts!

    I have the feeling Maria is teeny like Tildy! I think the ones I know are a tight fit over the head, I’m sizing up to 5’s. I’m still debating on the Family Reunion–4 or 5 LOL. I might just make the 4 because it’s the pattern I have. Now I’m second guessing cutting the 4/5 of the puppet show shorts!

    Is applepicking supposed to be on the slim side?

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