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What was the first O+S pattern that you sewn with?

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    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I am up late on a Friday night sewing a Raddy Ann dress(Family reuion) and got to thinking what fun was this dress to sew. Then I was thinking how much I enjoy all the O+S patterns I have made. They aere so well written and every thing turns out so beautifully. I was hooked from the first thing I had sewn!

    This past Mother’s Day my hubby bought me five of their patterns (now I own 18 plus a book-can you tel that I am very hooked on these!) and I started with the sketch book shirt and pants for my three boys. I always thought that sewing a dress shirt was way to hard for me but this pattern made it so easy and fun to make! It was all down hill from there. 😉

    So what was the first pattern that you have sewn with to get hooked on these wonderful pattern?

    Nicole @motherof5

    I made the Jumprope dress first.

    I had only had a computer for a few weeks and I had discovered fabric.com. They had o+s patterns on sale and I bought the Jumprope purely as a school dress pattern.

    I made four for my girls and was absolutely hooked. I slowly purchased the others as I ordered fabric and now have the full collection.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I first read about O+S on The Purl Bee, Purlsoho’s site, which I stumbled across while looking for a pattern for a knitted beret. They had a review of the Tea Party sundress pattern, which I loved. I tried making the Popover dress, which was (still is) a free download. I was so scared of my sewing machine that I made the dress entirely by handsewing — including finishing seams and attaching the bias tape. As you say, Mama_Knowles, the pattern made it not only easy but FUN to make.

    After that I worked up the courage to try the Tea Party and it was a total disaster. The curved bodice killed me. If I hadn’t successfully made the Bedtime Story PJs after that it might have all been over. I did eventually get the hang of the curved bodice — almost. I still get one or two wee tucks in it, but I could happily make Tea Parties and Sailboats forever.

    Tassiemum @Tassiemum

    I first discovered Oliver + S on an online site for fabric, so I ordered the pattern for the Music Box Jumper. That was about 6 months ago and I am now hooked. My sewing has come so far in such a short time due to the wonderful instructions in each pattern. You can’t tell that my sewing is homemade anymore. When I go to a shop, I look at clothes and I know I can sew just as well so I hardly buy children’s clothes anymore. I have just finished sewing a Seashore sundress and a class picnic blouse ( which are my 2 favourite patterns so far) and am currently sewing the family reunion dress and puppet show shorts. I now have 23 patterns ( including out of print patterns which I found thank goodness) and the book. I now have an enormous list of things I want to sew.

    I love, love, love these patterns. Thankyou Liesl

    Tamara @justsewit

    I have no recollection of where I first found Oliver + s patterns but the first one I made was the Sunday Brunch Jacket and skirt. My daughter was only about 3 or 4? But being such a big little girl, I had to make the biggest size as she was going through a really chunky stage. I managed to finish the skirt and have her wear it only a few times (and then I think I gave it away) and the jacket was left unfinished because she had turned her nose up at the denim.

    I think the next one I went on with was the Music class shirt and skirt and then the hopscotch pattern – both of which have become all time favourites.

    I’m really wishing I had seen these patterns alot earlier than I did as then I would have had more use from them but even now with the second chunky stage and being extremely tall, I’m forced to size even the larger patterns up a notch to have them last just a little longer.

    I have most of them in the larger size and have just started collecting them in the smaller sizes simply because they are handy to have and you never know what life is going to send you(maybe next year???). I’m really glad there are patterns for boys as boys seem to miss out alot in the sewing world. My son particularly loves the sketchbook shirt now that buttons are not a curse on little fingers.

    The thing about O+s is that it got me sewing for my kids in a way that I didn’t before. I was heavily into smocking and sewing beautiful dresses that were really gorgeous but really weren’t the most practical for running around in. I think my daughter only got to wear each dress I made once or twice because we only wore them to church really. She’s grown to the point of not really wanting to wear smocking now so O+s came along at the right time and seeing as I’d only just discovered Ottobre design magazine also, it became a perfect combination of classic, beautiful, modern clothing that my kids could wear.

    I would recommend these patterns above anything else to someone wanting to sew for their children or wanting to learn to sew. They do help to make it fun.

    Adrienne @Adrienne

    I discovered Oliver + S through my local sewing shop. One of the ladies had made the Sunday Brunch skirt and jacket for display, and my husband pointed it out and said the he thought that set would look great on our daughter. Well, I am a self-taught newbie and the set intimidated me. So, I started with the lazy days skirt, and the tea party sundress and I’m working my way through the syllabus. I’m hoping to have the Sunday Brunch set made for our daughter for Christmas!

    I have learned so much from these patterns and my “beginner’s work” doesn’t look so “beginner”! Like most of you have said, these patterns have become an addiction. I now own most of them and the book….and my “to-do” list grows by the day! But it is so much fun!!!!! I learn something new with everything I sew……as a teacher, I love that I learn as I go!

    Not to mention, the “community” that surrounds these patterns is a wonderful asset. It is encouraging to be able to connect with others who have the same interest. Oliver + S is more than just a pattern line, it is an experience!

    beachmom @beachmom

    I really don’t remember how I came across Oliver + S patterns. It was probably either on flickr or a sewing forum. My first dabble into sewing from O+S was the free Lazy Days Skirt pattern in 2009. I then purchased the Sunday Brunch skirt and jacket pattern. I bought it with the intention of making the jacket but didn’t get around to that until this spring. I did however sew up the skirt for my oldest to wear Christmas 2009. From there, it was the Sandbox pants, then the Puppet Show shorts, and on and on. I don’t own all the patterns but I love each and every one that I do have!

    sarahb @sarahb

    I first made the 2+2 shirt. I remember it seemed like such a difficult pattern! 🙂 I’ve certainly done a lot more sewing since then, and most of it has been Oliver + S.

    AmyF @AmyF

    I hadn’t been sewing long when I came accross the Birthday Party Dress at my aunts quilt shop. I instantly fell in love and started sewing one for my daughter who was 18 months at the time. It turned out beautiful! I was amazed that I could make a professional looking garment and I was hooked! I don’t have the whole collection of O+S patterns yet, but I will…slowly but surely. The bigger Jumprope dress keeps escaping me, but one of these days I’ll finally get my hands on that one! In the meantime, I am enjoying the other 20ish O+S patterns that I do have!

    I have another daughter that is 18 months right now, and it was so fun to pull the Birthday Party Dress out for her to wear!

    meleliza @meleliza

    I made the sandbox pants two years ago for my two sons in blue striped Seersucker. I was impressed by the pattern, but it’s not that much fun to sew for boys. They’re so hard on their clothes that I would never make play clothes for them. So I just kept knitting for them. I had admired the dresses in quilt shops but didn’t have anyone to sew them for until exactly this time last year. I started collecting the patterns I liked best before she was born! This January, I finally started on all those pretty dresses and am working my way through them now. I guess I’ve only done the popover, playdate, tea party and ice cream dresses and the ruffled halter. I have plans for the music box jumper and jump rope dress this winter. I had hoped to do a fall Sunday brunch jacket because the poor dear is stuck wearing her brothers’ old winter coats, but I’ve run out of time. I think I’ll do the bubble dress for Easter.

    Anonymous @

    I can’t remember exactly what I was searching for, but somehow came across the O+S patterns online. I loved them right away. Of course, having “Oliver” in the name helped too! (my little guy’s name is Oliver). The patterns seemed such an extravagant purchase as I had only paid $.99 for patterns at JoAnn in the past. After spending lots of time on Flickr, I decided I’d go for it and order one of these fancy schmancy patterns that all the cool kids were buying. I made the Jump Rope dress first. I learned so much sewing that dress and it came out really well (despite being purple with monkeys all over it). I knew right away that these patterns were a bargain! I have most of them now.

    Liesl Gibson

    You are all so lovely. It means so much to me that our patterns can have such importance to YOU! Thank you. I’m thrilled that each of you are part of our little community and that you care so much about the role that sewing plays in your lives. It’s been a pleasure to read each of your comments.

    rastis @rastis

    i’ve been looking at the O + S patterns since they were first released… but had no little girl to sew them for until recently! my first was the puppet show pattern (i tracked down the pattern as soon as she was born)- which i’ve just posted pictures of here


    and here


    and i was incredibly impressed with the pattern… i’ve since snaffled up loads of the patterns and am working my way through them!

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