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What are your go-to patterns?

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    KellyNYC @KellyNYC

    This is the first season I am trying to make up a bunch of staples for Chloe to wear throughout the summer. Previously, as I’ve been learning to sew, I’d just make up a few “special occasion” items for her. I plan to make a few ice cream tops and dresses, class picnic blouses, puppet show shorts, sunday brunch skirts, and maybe another jacket for the fall. I’ll sew up my first family reunion dress tonight and I imagine that will get added to my “repeat list” as well.

    I’d love to sew up more jump rope, puppet show & playdate dresses but being a relative beginner they’ll likely still remain a specialty item. Ha!

    Although, I’d like to think that every article of clothing I sew up for her is a specialty item! 🙂

    Tamara @justsewit

    Hi KellyNYC

    Making staples for a kiddies wardrobe is a great thing to do and you know I wish I had started alot earlier. I have a number of years of sewing experience under my belt but have been really really time challenged up until this year for some reason. I have only recently started using Oliver + s patterns as they have been available in Australia (and I’ve taken notice) but before, my go to patterns consisted of simple dress patterns that were made elaborate(I do alot of smocking) and made to wear rain, hail and shine. They weren’t really the most practical in the way that I made them (she’d wear a smocked dress to kindergarten on photo day when all the other kids wore shorts and t-shirts) and like I said the time thing got away so much that I still have unfinished dresses that are way too small for little miss 8.

    Those patterns really helped my confidence build with my sewing (having only watched my mum and grandma at work and never really having the chance to learn other than that). Those patterns also gave me an introduction into the finer aspects of sewing (different finishes etc) and their instructions were very clear. They didn’t skimp like some patterns do and made you do plackets and bodice linings properly. I still use them but they are mainly for good clothes.

    I made a pair of Sandbox pants the other day for number one son and I think now that I am on to cutting out pair number 3 sandbox pants, this is going to be a consistent go to pattern. I plan to use this one for school pants also (as our uniform in winter is basically track pants and a sweater)as they will be warm and comfortable.

    I hope to use the Nature walk pants in the same way once the pattern arrives. I think little miss 8 will find them super comfortable and I won’t cringe when she’s in public (she’ll wear track pants down town if I let her).

    Another go to pattern is definitely the Music Class skirt and top. I have picked out so much fabric from my stash that could probably make another 20 of these each! The skirt is gorgeous and my daughter loves it to bits. Oh and another would be the hopscotch top and skirt – have denim ready to go for the skirt (will look cute with a pair of leggings underneath).

    I have the Icecream dress pattern but haven’t made one yet (it’s on the list). I have red corduroy waiting to be turned into the school photo dress which is the pattern I could use my smocking with (not on the red dress though).

    I’m glad that you like these patterns so much and they seem to be helping you build confidence in your sewing abilities also. The key is clear instructions and that is what these patterns have don’t you think?

    meleliza @meleliza

    The Ice Cream Dress is easy, adorable and suitable for many fabrics. It works for spring or summer and can be layered for fall. I’ve made that a few times already and will probably include it every season for my own daughter now. I’ve made the puppet show and the playdate dresses too, but they are more involved. The playdate dress could be a good everyday dress because it pulls over with just one button closure. I think that pattern can be dressed up or down too. The puppet show dress, with all those buttons, seems like a special occasion thing to me, largely because a child could never dress herself in it.

    Jess M. @mommy2maria

    Ice Cream Dress is one of my favorites! As Meleliza said, it’s perfect for just about any season. We layered a long sleeve (onesie) shirt underneath for the cooler months. And I just made my first 2+2 blouse and it will be a summer staple for sure! I also want a few more Playdates because those are fabulous to pair with leggings!

    I also have the sailboat pants I want to make, not to mention the various skirt patterns that I’ve held off until warmer weather to make. And I haven’t even purchased any of the new releases!

    JohannaO @JohannaO

    The Hopscotch Top/Dress is one of my favorites- I think I’m up to 8 or 9 of those- short sleeved, long-sleeved, dress, top. It’s one of my basics and a quick one to sew up. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Swing Set skirt- so easy to sew, and quick to cut out. I’ve made three of these, and I love how my daughter twirls and moves in this one. Sassy, and she’s able to sit on the rug at the same time. I’ve made 5 or 6 nature walk pants- incredibly fast to sew up, and very comfortable. If you can find a fabric with a bit of spandex, it won’t bag at the knees much at all. I just made some sketchbook shorts for my boys, and that was another easy one that I’m going to turn to for some shorts this summer. I’ve also made three ice cream dresses, and I love how they can move through the seasons. My little girl’s favorite dress at the moment is the Seashore Sundress that has “fireworks” on it. That’s a great pattern, and it goes together quickly, but perhaps not as quickly as the knit patterns.

    sayiamyou @maraya

    My little girl is a dirt digger and puddle jumper so dresses generally are specialty items around our house. That said, I still made her several Hopscotch dresses last fall and she will occasionally pull them out herself to wear. Her (she’s 2) favorites are the puppet show shorts. She has figured out the pockets, (and they’re in a good place for her to learn to use them)and loves to stuff berries and rocks into them. These can really be dolled up too depending on the fabrics/prints you use. I plan to make her 3 pairs of these for summer. She already has sketchbook shorts and class picnic shorts that I’ve made this summer, but prefers the puppet shows. The ice cream blouse and dress(es) are relatively quick and very cute, same with the swing set top and skirt. What I love is that they all blend very well together so I don’t always feel like I have to make a complete outfit from the same pattern to get a nice look.

    My daughter just picked out fabric for a seashore dress and I think she’ll like wearing it when she realizes there are treasure pockets.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I’m an O+S oldie — my favorites are the Tea Party dress and Sailboat top and pants. The Music Box is another favorite — I thought it looked rather plain at first but now that I can sew a little bit better I realize how nice simple patterns are, because you can show off your nice fabric, add all sorts of trim, etc. to suit your liking, without them getting lost, or overwhelming an already-detailed garment.

    Noodles @Noodles

    I think hopscotch tops and sandbox pants are a must. The new class picnic blouse is guaranteed to be a staple around here and the ice cream dress will be a favourite once my Noodle starts walking and gets off her knees!


    Tamara @justsewit

    Oh Ladies you’ve all inspired me yet again. I have pictures of Icecream dresses in all sorts of colours roaming in this head of mine. The Nature walk pattern turned up yesterday along with the CW and MW fabric I ordered – one word “DIVINE”.

    The Sandbox pattern is definitely a staple I have decided. I whipped up three pairs for number one son for school in the space of two hours!! Crazy I know.

    Hopscotch top – such a classic. I’m up to number 2 for winter and will cut out about 6 more to do for the cold months.

    My favourite has to be the Music class skirt though. I’ve made three in the space of a week so far in between other sewing and things. Now to make the shirts to match.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I was thinking about your question and I would have to say,they all are!

    I tend to make a list at the start of a season and plod through that,I am not really a ‘quick’ sewer,I save time by sewing in batches.

    That said,I have made many Hopscotch tops for my pre-teen girls.

    Kate @Kate

    I really like the jump rope dress view B as an everyday type dress (usually with short sleeves). It is good practice on the placket and the rest of the dress sews up very quickly.

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