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What are you sewing now?

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    Rose Thomas @rose1234

    Hi guys,

    I don’t know how to sew a dress, but I want to start learning sewing because after a few months I am going to deliver a baby.

    So I want to make a dress for my baby.

    So please suggest me some online sewing tutorials from where I can start learning?


    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Hi Rose, congratulations on your soon-to-be-new-baby. A good place to start would be to download one of the free Oliver + S pattern like the Popover Sundress (link: https://oliverands.com/free-patterns/popover-sundress/ ). The size starts at Size 2, but it will be a good beginner project and the perfect way to introduce yourself to the fabulous Oliver + S instructions.
    Then, with a bit of first project under your belt confidence you’ll find that lots of the dress patterns start at very small sizes. Go for it!

    dubhels2003 @dubhels2003

    @rose1234 How exciting, congratulations! I know it’s not a dress, but I had so (sew?!) much fun making the Lullaby Layette pattern for my daughters. I’d highly recommend it for a satisfying make, and a gorgeous pattern for babies. you can really personalise it too.

    I haven’t sewn since moving house at the beginning of September. I do have a sewing room (whoopee!) but I haven’t really unpacked it yet. I’m getting frustrated as I’ve lost my sew-jo completely. I know I’ll feel better if I make SOMETHING and once I get started I’ll be off again. To many patterns cut out maybe. I’d like to have a go at the Chai Tshirt with a viscose jersey back and silk crepe de chine front . I’m not short of ideas of what to make, I just need to be forced to get started!

    Melanie @mpiltingsrud

    I’ve nearly completed the School Days winter coat for my two year old. Only have the optional quilted lining left to do. What a cute coat! I am so pleased because I have very little experience with sewing. I thought I’d bit off more than I could chew with this project, but the pattern was incredibly easy to follow and I learned a lot from making it. I would not hesitate to make the coat again when he grows out of it. 🙂

    Nicole @motherof5

    What are you sewing… for Christmas?

    I have decided to sew a garment for each family member. We have cut way back on purchases this year and upped our donation to our state children’s hospital but the ‘under-the-tree’ is looking a bit bare.

    Sooo… Japanese lawn shirt for Jed- vintage Butterick pattern as it is quite full, for his belly (I picked up the new liesl+Co mens shirt but have no time to muslin it). Aime Comme Marie Monsieur Liberty shirt (gorgeous mustard Capel from The Drapery in Adelaide), a Lekala wrap dress for Zara in a B+W gingham (same pattern as her formal) Style Arc hoodie in nude and black Hudson pants for Elsa to wear on the plane to Ireland, a vintage Gunne Sax off the shoulder dress for Liddy, in blue linen, updated with some embroidery. An outrageous boiler suit in a fern print for Tildy and a 2+2 blouse (with the leftover from Hugo’s shirt) and Puppet Show shorts for Trixie.

    I will get it done, right?
    Sleep is over rated.

    Any one else doing Holiday sewing?

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    You can do it Nicole!
    My Christmas gift sewing so far: a couple of bags and a wallet using Kraft-Tex washable paper, one for my mum and the others are teacher gifts – that stuff is great fun!
    I’m sewing a stencilled school bus t-shirt for my nephew and an All Day Shirt for my husband.
    On the rope craft front I’ve made a dreamcatcher (shudder) for my nephew and I’m needing to start on a rope mat for my brother in law’s new boat. That one might be the undoing of me!

    Florence Taylor @FlorenceTaylor

    yep I am making 4 pinwheel dresses + tunics, 3 more play dates ad I have 8 new nani Iro double gauze fabric prints to make the hide and seek dress and maybe a nightgown or 2 for my twins using the playtime dress. I am so excited I discovered these patterns. Say a prayer for me.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Oh, you have twins too @florencetaylor, how lovely!

    What a lovely lot of sewing you have to do, I miss sewing pretty wee dresses.

    Half way there now, I am not sure I will get it all done. I will probably leave Jed’s shirt (for later) he doesn’t mind.

    that mat is amazing, what an incredible gift.

    Tamara @justsewit

    I did have plans to sew everyone something for Christmas but I was woefully under prepared with supplies so I didn’t. However, we have a third birthday fast approaching (on Saturday to be exact) and I am sewing up a storm for this. I have three dresses from a different pattern company I have made, two of which are accompanied by dolly sized matching dresses. I am in the process of preparing to make a small sized messenger bag to act as “nappybag”. I need to make “wet wipes” and I have drafted off the bear carrier pattern that will hold this Corolle interactive dolly that cries, gurgles, babbles And makes sucking noises. If I have time I will also make a bassinet carrier using the Made everyday pattern and possibly another dress. But in the meantime, baby steps literally! It’s fun to sew for little kids again and for dolls this time not bears.

    So I’m off to look for bear carrier inspiration on Flickr.

    Tamara @justsewit

    So I finished the bear carrier and messenger bag. They were a hit (I think) even though the carrier has been balked at a few times. She was willing to try it for size when I was positioning buttons.

    The messenger bag has been well received. All baby doll stuff was dumped on the table and the bag promptly filled with toy trains (anyone want toy trains?)

    I’m sure they will be played with for years to come.

    Anyone sewing anything as their first project for the new Year?

    Alice Miller @Alice

    I’m going to make bags for me and my niece for new Year. It could be a challenge, since I’m not that experienced in quilting. But I really want to try!

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Those bags look like fun, and a great way to use up scraps – assuming your scraps are better co-ordinate do than mine!
    Fun to see an old thread bumped up, thanks.
    You’ve inspired me to put the waistband on my Hollywood Trousers and finish them off.

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