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What are you sewing now?

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    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I just made Cashmerette’s new tee, the Concord. Yay I have a TNT pattern again and it only took minor, for me, flat pattern changes and the first one is wearable and will be a great addition to my wardrobe.
    I’m also taking in a tshirt and dress, I’ve had to remove an inch from each seam, 6 inches in total. I’m so glad they were princess seamed, kitschy Coo’s penny Pinafore, as I don’t think I would have been able to remove all that from the side seams!

    Tamara @justsewit

    I have a toddler who would rather me just sit and devote my attention to her than anyone or thing else right now!

    I completed the jeans – to her measurements but they turned out baggy so I purchased the jeans fit class on craftsy to help me out. I also purchased the Angela wolf jeans pattern to see if this one would fit her better. She loves them! Probably because I put stars on the pocket and there is a lot of pink topstitching (I tell you she still thinks pink is the new black).

    I am yet to complete the traveller dress, which just needs buttonholes and buttons.

    I stuffed the collar of the jacket because I tried skipping the handstitch the collar down instruction. I now know to never do that again. This jacket has three quarter sleeves so I plan to make another one and lengthen the sleeves to full as it is a wee bit nippy outside.

    I made a hopscotch dress and playtime leggings both in 18-24 months for Chloë to wear as snuggly pj’s/ daytime easy to sleep in playclothes. I used cotton spandex knit from Spotlight with giraffes and elephants on a grey background (I am hoping to get pics sorted soon enough). I also made her a pair of afterschool jeans, topstitched in pink and in size 18-24 months.

    Right now, I am in the process of cutting out a pair of Lisette pyjamas in a 16😱 and I plan to sew them with a matching tiny pair of sleepover pj’s with a bit of a pattern hack situation going on. This is the main project for today, and I will sew along with it the playtime tunic and dress which has been cut and sitting there waiting for other projects of the same thread colour to be sewn at the same time – of course it has to be pink.

    I also have a black corduroy button up skirt that just needs buttons and buttonholes.

    But for now I have to get back to it or I will find my pinned pattern, fabric and all on the floor with a very keen to be like mummy toddler.

    @withloveHeidi, I have just bought the concord pattern. I made the washington and hacked it to be nursing compatible and it worked out great. I just haven’t had the opportunity to actually wear it yet. I am actually hoping to make an Appleton top (at least) tomorrow.

    jay_1965vw @jay_1965vw

    You are all being so productive, wow!
    I made a flower last night for Audrey to take to school for Teacher Appreciation Day. They asked for each student to bring one flower and they are making ‘eclectic bunches’. Looked like most kids brought real flowers even though they suggested real or paper or…
    I thought it was easier to make one than try to find/buy a real one!

    Tamara @justsewit

    I am slowly gathering a hefty sized parcel of items to send to Imogen next week. I didn’t end up taking them with me this last trip as I just simply ran out of time so the photoshoot of the pyjamas will just have to wait until midterm break (beginning of June). I made sleepover pyjamas to “match” the Lisette pj’s for Imogen. I used the Jumprope dress collar to achieve the effect. They both just need buttons and pockets attached (because I forgot about them).

    This weekend is all about me myself and I. I have the concord pattern ready to trace off and alter (in length) before sewing myself something for a change. I also have big plans to adapt a jeans pattern to use as a basis for a jeans skirt for myself, along with some Appleton tops. Hopefully I can get at least some of this done this weekend.

    After the weekend I have two Archer shirts, a playtime tunic and a playtime dress to sew up.

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    The Concord is a great pattern, I loved how few alterations needed to be made to it, added length being the main one here too Tamara 🙂
    I’ve just made my first pair of Jalie Eleonore stretch jeans. I’m very impressed, I only needed to add length (4″) and I have wearable pants straight off the pattern!

    Tamara @justsewit

    Well the concord is ready to use and now I am on to altering the j stern designs jeans pattern I bought for myself when I first got the make your own designer jeans class with Angela Wolf on Craftsy. I had to cut the alterations short thanks to an all too keen to get outside toddler but she is now wrapping herself in sticky tape and having a fine time of it thanks to being dragged back inside because if a brief shower.

    I have figured out that I have a very long femur but at the same time I still have to shorten above the knee to accommodate for the longer rise measurement which is where the length is. I am hoping to get this pattern sorted and a muslin made tonight with a view of starting on the proper ones tomorrow and then I can adapt the pattern into a skirt with the measurements being all sorted.

    It’s a gift to myself to finally get some me made items.

    @withloveHeidi I just bought the eleanore pattern but intend it for the girls not myself. Katy also says it’s a great pattern so I am glad I got it now.

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    sewgirl23 @sewgirl23

    Everything I can get my hands on, is the short answer! Just finished the pinwheel tunic and dress and after-school pants this week for my daughter. A soft structured baby carrier for my son. In the middle of perfecting a sloper for a friend to use for her knitting projects. And deciding which sundress pattern to start this week for myself! Also just bought fabric for the class picnic shorts, as well as 5 new O+S patterns. In the sewing groove this week, I can’t stop!

    Tamara @justsewit

    @sewgirl23 oh wow you are on a roll for sure! I love the pinwheel tunic and dress but as yet haven’t made it for my youngest daughter – made two for the eldes a d they unfortunately sat in the cupboard after the initial wear. And the afterschool pants make the best little girl jeans!

    Speaking of jeans, I have drafted off the pattern I am going to use. I am happy I can actually fit into the sizing range it gives but really upset it has to be the largest size😕 Oh well you can’t win them all the time. At least I get to make jeans for myself and a concord t shirt😀

    Happy Mother’s day to all the mums (real, babysitters, adoptive and other)

    Nicole @motherof5

    I finished my sons blazer, finally. It was a big sew. I now know why Liesl is not keen to make a kiddy size pattern…

    Next, jeans for me!

    thejennigirl @thejennigirl

    I spent the past 5 weeks altering prom dresses, and have had the first 2 wedding gowns of the season come in this week, so my poor serger and sewing machine have really been put to task!

    When not dealing with lace, sequins or beads, I’ve been selfish sewing like crazy. Since the first of May, I’ve made myself 3 blouses (spring2016 Vogue 1507, vintage 1950s Simplicity 4647, Vintage Simplicity 3021), 1 pair of denim capris (Gertie’s Butterick 5895), a chambray dress (earlysummer2016 Simplicity 8051), and I replace the zipper in a vintage 1950’s East does West Singapore dress I was gifted last weekend. And because I am enjoying myself so much, I have cut out and prepped a few more projects, using the excuse that it is MeMadeMay2016, of course!

    Pictures of completed projects are on Flicker and instagram. Happy sewing, ladies (and gentlemen lurkers)!

    Liesl Gibson

    Nicole, the instructions for the blazer would be quite involved, but the grading would be a nightmare! Maybe someday, but I need to rest my brain after writing that book. (Which is why I just jumped into writing some very detailed Liesl + Co patterns for fall, apparently???)

    Can’t wait to see how the blazer turned out!

    scgoble @scgoble

    I’m sewing nothing! We are moving this summer and I had to pack away all the sewing machines and supplies to make the apartment more palatable to buyers who dont consider that stuff reasonable decor. Can you imagine?! 😉 I made the mistake of ordering two things from Spoonflower knowing that I couldn’t do anything with them. So now they’re just sitting here taunting me.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Oh no @scgoble! It is called life and your life features sewing machines. That is the complete downside of moving I think (happy move btw!)

    I have set aside my jeans muslin in place of more kid sewing. I actually ran out of the “cheap” denim and hope to get more soon so I can continue on my merry jeans sewing way.

    In the meantime I have made a playtime tunic and dress, a pair of afterschool jeans, the traveller dress for Imogen, a pair of Lisette pj’s for Imogen in pink zebra print flannelette and a pair of sleepover pj’s for Chloë to go with.

    I am currently doing battle with my machine who thinks I am crazy to want to try and sew buttonholes on thick corduroy – it must be done!

    Next are a couple of Lane raglans (long sleeved) for the big girl and a jeans jacket (jalie) also for the big girl.

    And THEN I want to sew stuff for Noah. Looks like I will be wearing just pretty shoes on my city long weekend trip☹️

    Tamara @justsewit

    Forgot to mention the completely gorgeous book report dress in denim with pink spots – super cute and the hopscotch dress and playtime leggings in giraffe and elephant knit from Spotlight – using this as a pj set. I have a pink city weekend interlock hopscotch dress needing to be hemmed also.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I just made myself a Deer and Doe Plantain tee in navy cotton/modal with (much to my daughters horror) silver sleeve patches.

    I love it, although sewing modal is a slippery business.

    I was lucky that is was sized for him so I didn’t have to fit at all. I enjoyed it but I am ready to move on to some quicker projects.

    I can’t wait to see this book.

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