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Tunic tops

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    DebbyJ @DebbyJ


    I’m new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried extending the lengths of the various tunic tops and making them as dresses instead?

    Nicole @motherof5

    Which patterns are you wondering about Debby?

    I have seen a 2+2 made into a dress, the Puppet Show can be a top or dress, The Swing Set top has been made into a dress.

    If you do a search on Flickr you may find what you are looking for.

    (ps welcome)!

    sayiamyou @maraya

    I’ve made a few dresses from the 2+2 blouse and I think the Swing Set could very easily be lengthened for a dress. And, I’m pretty sure someone has done it. Do search the O+S Flickr pool, it’s very inspirational! Yes, welcome!

    Justine J @justmejay

    Hi Debby!

    I was only just browsing though the O+S pool on flickr a few nights ago and saw a lovely dress version of the swingset tunic:


    DebbyJ @DebbyJ

    Thanks everyone! I was looking at the tunic top from the Puppet Show pattern. I’m off to Flickr to search!

    Liesl Gibson

    Debby, the Puppet Show pattern includes both lengths: tunic and dress. As well as the shorts. So no worries–all the work has already been done for you.

    Anonymous @
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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