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Swing set with jersey knit? Or with shorts underneath?

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    mlinton @mlinton

    Anyone seen or done some customizations with the swing set skirt? I’m brainstorming & trying to match my 4 year olds strong opinions with her desire to get something momma-made. (Her little sister gets most of the sewing attention since she doesn’t complain about whatever I want to make.)

    I’m thinking about trying this with a knit fabric. I think it’ll work if I use the appropriate stitches & needles. Might make the drape of the skirt different but I’m ready to experiment.

    Any ideas for putting shorts underneath? I’ve seen it done with other skirts (the hopscotch skirt/bloomers that Nicole made come to mind) but I’m not sure if/how to match up the wide waistband of the skirt with some slimmer style shorts.

    Any ideas and insights are always appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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