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Stuck on understitching

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    Jerney @Jerney

    Hi all,

    I love the badminton skort, but something has me flustered. I am at the part where the waistband, skirt, and shorts are just sewn together. The instructions say to flip the shorts inside out and then understitch the shorts on the shorts side, catching the seam.

    First of all, I don’t think I chose the right finish for the seam that is supposed to be ‘caught,’ (the seam of all three parts together). I did a ‘Hong Kong’ style finish with a 1-inch bias tape, creating a 1/4 inch ‘flap.’ Now I’m trying to figure out where the understitching goes–am I stitching on the yoke or the skirt?

    If anyone can give me a rundown of the layers I should be sewing through that would be a big help I think. Also, what finish did you use for that seam (I don’t have a serger yet)?



    Liesl Gibson

    Jerney, I’ll need to go back and check the instructions to refresh my memory, unless someone else has sewn them recently and can answer you on this one. Don’t let me forget! I’ll check tomorrow when I’m in the studio.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I have just made these(and unpicked this seam)!

    Looking at my pair I have the right side of the skirt sewn to the right side of the waistband which is sandwiched between the wrong side of the shorts.

    So,I think I will go and tale a photo!

    I overlocked my seam.

    I will return!

    Here we go http://www.flickr.com/photos/motherof5/sets/72157631839202304/with/8117378895/ I hope this helps.


    Tamara @justsewit

    I made these last weekend and also unpicked the seam. When I understitched, I first pressed the seam (that connects the yoke,shorts and skirt together) down towards the legs of the shorts and pulled the skirt upwards so that the yoke was hiding on the other side. I then understitch close to the skirt edge but around the shorts top with my edgestitching foot sitting in the valley made by the seam stitching. You don’t have to use and edgestitching foot if you don’t have one though.

    So to make it clear, the shorts should be under the sewing machine foot with the seam allowance pressed onto it and sewing through these layers with the skirt and yoke pulled to the right side of you out of the way.

    Hope this is clear.


    Jerney @Jerney

    Thank you so much everyone! Your suggestions and explanations really did the trick.

    Here they are:




    Love them!

    Thanks again!

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