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So, are you ready for Christmas?

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    Nicole @motherof5

    Are you making gifts?

    Have you started lists?

    Will you get is all done?

    Share the joy,planning and possible panic of your festive sewing.

    DianaH158 @DianaH158

    I have pondered gift making but not sure as of yet. We do a drawling for all the adults in my family so I won’t know who I’ve got until Thanksgiving at least. I will probably make some cloithes for the kiddos that might end up as gifts – depending on when they’re finished!

    I have, however, begun thinking about Christmas outfits (well Christmas Eve most likely) for the kids. I am thinking the School Photo dress in either red or green corduroy for Lil with maybe a sketchbook shirt in coordinationg fabric for Henry… have been prowling the websites for a nice corduroy and waiting on some swatches. I’d love to find a red with polka dots or something but I’m not very optimistic!

    Jane @jesims

    December is such a busy time, I always promise myself I’m not going to make any gifts but rarely stick to the plan. Our little girl turns 3 on December 15, so I am thinking she needs a new party dress. I was also thinking of maybe making the Christmas Eve PJ’s this year instead of buying them. I have always wanted to make coffee cozies and give those with a Starbucks gift card for teachers, mailman, hair stylist, etc. Only time will tell what actually gets done.



    cybele727 @cybele727

    I made two mother daughter totes, one for each sister-in-law. Some of you may remember seeing the horrific pink camo NASCAR fabric in the Flickr group!

    I have some very fine “imitation” silk which my Chinese exchange student brought “home” to me. I am going to use my rolled hem foot on 36″ squares for some scarves for my mother in law.

    I wish I knew how to quilt, so I could make one for my mother.

    I made the Fairy Tale for my daughter for all holiday events and her birthday. She keeps asking, “muhmeee, I dwess like pincess, ah-gin, toooooday? It’s in muh cwoset! Lets go up to muh bedwoom.”

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Timely post Nicole, I’ve just decided that all the other sewing ideas have to be put on hold and the Christmas stuff done first.

    I’m currently working on a Bento Box carrier for my nephew.

    Then I’ll start a Puppet theater for my kids. I believe I should have started that a month ago, but I’ll just get it done no matter how late the nights get.

    Then I’ve still got that ridiculously elaborate hand made quilt that i’m trying to make for a doll’s cradle for my daughter. I also thought I’d make a little mattress cover with fitted sheet and pillow case to go in the cradle.

    Then I got a bit carried away on Spoonflower with Lego fabric and now I’m thinking of a messenger bag for my brother in law.

    Deep breath, …. now panic!

    wenznz @wenznz

    I have a Red Riding Hood cape made, a popover sundress cut out, and several pairs of the sketchbook shorts in various sizes traced and fabric chosen.

    My older son, thinks he needs another backpack or the messenger bag, but that is further down the list, and more likely for his birthday in February if at all.

    All three younger boys are getting bowling shirts, and have fabric picked out for them, and my niece has a couple of skorts in the works too.

    (3 of the 5 children I sew for, have birthdays between now and February, so this list covers birthdays and Christmas)

    Then if there is time after that, I may even get to sew for myself this side of Christmas!

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Harry potter Costumes here! I’m glad I started them in Sept! I’m going to make a floral mock up of the robes before I make the proper black and red ones. But I think I’ve found enough fabric.

    I was hoping to make a few messenger bags but I’m sure this will happen.

    My husband would like Tristan’s linen coat from Stardust, this may be a summer (Jan) sewing project.

    LisaMM @LisaMM

    Hoping to have completed by Christmas:

    1 x bubble dress for my 2 yr old – fabric tba, something for Christmas Day. Nautical seems to be the favourite this summer.

    1 x dolls quilt also for my 2 yr old – she’s getting a dolls bed for Christmas and I have this beautiful Heather Ross cheater quilt fabric that should be perfect.

    Good luck everyone with your wish lists. :o)

    Masha Richart

    For Christmas (none even started yet):

    DD1’s Christmas Playdate dress

    Five stockings for the family

    A new Christmas tree skirt

    After that I’m moving on to baby boy layette items 🙂

    sayiamyou @maraya

    Working on baby doll diapers and a bag to keep them. And hoping to make a vet lab coat and kit for Miss A. Wanting to get a coat made for the new babe too. Oh and stuffed wombats for each of them. We shall see…

    meleliza @meleliza

    Ready for Christmas? Hell no. I barely made it through Halloween, I haven’t even begun to think about Christmas, though I am entertaining the notions of making the kids pajamas. And some baby doll things for baby girl. I am trying to give some thought to holiday clothes, but dont plan to make them all. But otherwise, I don’t like to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. For one thing, I can only handle one holiday at a time, for another, Thanksgiving is to great a holiday to be short changed by the greedy retail industry. I like to give it the importance it deserves.

    Nicole @motherof5

    As we don’t celebrate either of those activities I am definitely making my plans.

    The children did a photo shoot for Christmas cards today,it was such a hoot!

    Matilda chose to be a sheep!

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    Oh my no! I have been thinking and planing but nothing has been sewn yet. I want to make the two little ones pound puppies just like the ones my mom made me when I was little, she gave me her pattern last year. It was on the lit last year but wasn’t done. I am also wanting to make the LTTS puppet thereter as well for a gift for Sarah and some puppets to go with. I ordered a princes Happy Ever After pillow pannel yesterday for her too. I want to make baby C a jumbo pillow pet. I found some awsome looking polar bear looking fabric at a local store I want to use. Plus outfits for them all.

    For the kids in the older ones class I am going to make them all mini stockings, so about 70 I think. The teachers maybe an apron? not so sure yet. We’ll see if any of this gets done!

    sayiamyou @maraya

    A few months ago my husband and I were plotting the puppet theatre as Hobbiton, as A is fascinated with The Hobbit and Bilbo. But I just haven’t had the time or energy with class and pregnancy. I was going to use the bath mitten as the base for each of the main characters from the story. I still want to do it for her but not for Christmas. Maybe for her birthday if maternity leave goes more smoothly than last time.

    Tamara @justsewit

    I’m stumbling into preparations. Now that I am free to be at home now, I can get to it and be a bit more on top of things. I pulled out the first quilt yesterday – all cut and ready and started to piece the bits together and will continue on this until it is ready to be wrapped. Then I’ll do another one.

    I’m planning messenger bags for the bigger kids in the family as they will find this ideal for those teenage thing they do. I have to include a birthday gift for my Christmas Eve niece – but she has specifically requested no made things! Particular that one!

    My little nephew will get something practical and something useful for kindergarten which he starts next year. I just have to eat directions from his mum as to what would be ok. I did think about a few dress ups as well but I will leave that for time permitting and if it doesn’t make Christmas then he can have them for his birthday.

    My kids will have the quilts plus the usual clothing parcel and possibly a few other things that will be handy for school too.

    I don’t generally sew for the adults – only sometimes. First and foremost though before I get into full gift making swing, I have to make gifts for the teachers – embroidered paper weights with the designs from my trusty Inspirations magazine collection. I did them before and they were a hit so will make this my stock standard as every teacher has paperwork to do. Some parents don’t bother giving gifts to the teachers but I think they deserve it despite my thoughts on the standards of our school. Just my way of saying thanks.

    So in a nutshell, not in full swing but I’ve made a sort of list and now am checking it twice!

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