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Sizing Book Report for knits

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    I have a knit I want to turn into a BR dress. would you size down? I made it in corduroy last week and the fit is great (except for arm length is a bit short).

    Since knit stretches, I was wondering whether one size smaller with added length would be wise.

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    I would say it depends on how the recovery and stretch is on the knit you have chosen. I have made the 12 in a woven and it was just right on my daughter but would be roomy but not huge if I made it in a knit.

    I know Nicole has made one for her daughter in knit so hopefully she can tell you how the fit goes and which knit she used etc.

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    I can offer the almost useless observation that I made one in knit and it fit perfectly. However I didn’t measure the kid or make one in a woven first! I just made a size 2 as every other Oliver+S seems to fit in that size. The knit I used was a fairly heavyweight, stable knit. If you used a lighterweight, stretchier knit I don’t think sizing would be as much of a problem as sagginess where the pockets and lower panel attach. There could be too much weight in the bottom half for a thin, stretchy top half to handle.

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    I would probably go with the same size as the knit would be more for comfort of wear?

    Does that make sense?

    I used a very stretchy knit for the body but a more stable one for the yokes. All a similar weight.

    The use was more of a design choice then a fabric choice.


    It has proved a very popular dress.

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