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Shorts/bloomers seem small?

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    MadisMum @MadisMum

    Hi Everyone!

    I’m new to the forum and Oliver + S patterns. Love, love, love. Just bought a bundle of them and started with the Puppet Show shorts. My daughter in 8.5 months old so I made the 6-12 month size – the measurements seemed pretty spot on for her and she sits right on the 50th percentile for weight, length etc. So I was really surprised when the shorts ended up way too tight for her to wear (really hard to slide up over her hips). She wears disposable nappies/diapers so no extra bulk to speak of there. I was also making them at night after she went to bed, so didn’t get to try them on for size early in the making process.

    I guess my question may actually be a general type one. Do Oliver + S pattern sizes run a little small? Anyone else have this experience?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Nicole @motherof5

    Hi Madismum,

    I have only made the size 5 in the bloomers( for my third daughter) I found them a little small but I think I was going by the picture on the packet.

    I think the style is a neat little knicker rather than a bloomy short.

    My baby is nearly 2, quite small, and wears the 12-18 mnths size. I tend to cut the bottoms larger as she is in cloth.

    Perhaps make the largest size to be safe? Then if they are too large you can pop them away for a few months.

    Welcome to this lovely sewing group!


    beachmom @beachmom

    I made my first pair of the puppet show shorts last spring and found that they ran a little small. By the measurement chart the size 2 should have fit but they were way too snug, especially over a cloth diaper. Even on my middle daughter (same measurements but no diaper) they were snugger than I would have liked. I ended up sewing a 4 the next go around because I’d rather they be too big and that worked out just fine. They lasted all summer and will hopefully fit for this year too.

    I think that in most cases O+S sizing is really good. The shorts were the only pattern I’ve sewn that I felt like I needed to use a bigger size to get the fit I wanted.

    MadisMum @MadisMum

    Oh thank you Nicole and Beachmom. Good to know the sizing is usually pretty good. Thankfully I only made them out of fabric that cost me 50 cents (AUD). Gorgeous soft cotton chambray fabric I got at the local op/thrift shop. Love those finds. Still have enough for a 2nd pair, so may just do a do-over 🙂

    Will definitely make the size up next time – motherof5 I also thought they were supposed to be a bit more bloomer-ish by the picture on the pattern, but happy for them to be slimmer, but fit!

    Thanks again, I’m off to sew…


    jaimielaura @jaimielaura

    I agree that they run small and next time I would make the next size up as well.

    paula @paula

    I asked the same question when I started sewing O+S! Most said that the sizes are different from ready to wear and to measure the child. That being said, I STILL think they run small! My boy who is tall, but thin, wore a size 10-12 and when I made a size 12 shirt, it was waaaay too small! My little one who wears 18 months fits well in a 2T.

    totterwalker @totterwalker

    I just made my daughter the class picnic shorts and I found that they run pretty small too. She is 15 months but the 18 month size is quite tight and short on her. Will definitely size up next time.

    lifeinoz @lifeinoz

    These are my favorite shorts. My daughter has two pairs! They are a little fitted, but I like them that way. I made the size 3, she will be 4 in September and will probably grow out of them right around that time. I especially love these shorts because I can repurpose an old button down shirt, the pattern fits perfectly. Shirts at my goodwill are $3, can’t beat a pair of $3 shorts!!

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