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Shirt worn with Lederhosen

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    violetvata @violetvata

    Hello ladies- Just received a pair of lederhosen from the boy’s gma that hubby wore (mainly for pictures) when young- about size 6. It came with the shorts and wool knee high socks but no shirt. I was hoping to make an appropriate shirt for my boys to wear for some photos and then include it with the shorts as it gets handed down and saved for the next generation. Does anyone know the type of shirt, long/short sleeve, pointy/rounded collar, etc. I am of course hoping to use the sketchbook shirt pattern with some mods if necessary! Thanks for any help! Katja

    Nicole @motherof5

    Are you the mum to those divine three boys that wore the silk shirts for the wedding?

    It would be easy to round off the Sketchbook shirt collar.

    How would the Jumprope bodice lengthened look? Or the Music Class with pin tucks in crisp white poplin.

    I would love to see a Sketchbook made into a Jac shirt(the banded hem style)

    Have you heard of Enid Gilchrist (sp),if you google some images you may find some styles you like.

    They were about from the 50’s to the 70’s. Very O+S style.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/motherof5/7002097675/in/photostream I think you could fiddle with the O+S patterns to get the result you are after.

    Deb @Mynorth

    When my parents went to Germany for a vacation, they bought back a complete outfit for my son; lederhosen, wool socks complete with tassels and shirt. ( They also brought back matching national dresses for my girls too.)

    The shirt had a rounded collar but I’m sure any shaped collar would work.

    I’ve posted a photo of my son in that outfit on my Flickr account so you can see the shirt: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mynorth

    (My son is 30 now……..where did that time go?)

    I agree with Nicole that the Sketchbook shirt would be perfect for your son’s outfit.

    As a matter of fact, I’m using that pattern as part of an heirloom Baptism outfit for my grandson.

    violetvata @violetvata

    Yup, thanks nicole, those were my boys, hoping they get to wear their nice outfits for easter too, tho I may have to let out the hems! Thanks you both for your pictures and suggestions, I’m thinking a sketchbook shirt with regular collar in a tiny yarn dyed gingham plaid with long sleeves as most of the resources I’ve found show long sleeves. The shorts have a emerald green and red detail, so maybe a deep green/white check and red accents for buttonholes or facings, etc. Thank you so much! I will be on lookout for a nice fabric and hopefully he can wear them this summer! Katja

    Tamara @justsewit

    Sounds like a perfect idea! The national costumes are slightly different depending on the region but are all basically the same – not that we have a fantastic heirloom pair of lederhosen lying around. Your idea sounds perfectly up to date and the sketchbook shirt is the perfect choice. Will you show us onces it’s put together?

    meleliza @meleliza

    I seem to remember mostly white shirts with lederhose when I lived in Germany and Austria. But a hunter green is a very Bavarian color. How flippin cute! I want to get some Viennese costumes for my kids someday. That’s where we got married.

    violetvata @violetvata

    Thanks ladies- I’ll definitely post when it’s done, gotta show off my cute blondie in lederhosen. He really likes quirky stuff so I think he’ll love it. Hansel and Gretel opera assembly at school next week and thinking about sending him in them! With a regular white dress shirt….don’t think I’ll be done yet!

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