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ruffled halter as a tankini?

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    Kate @Kate

    I bought some swimsuit fabric to make a simple tank top suit for my daughter, but I got to thinking about the ruffled halter and I wonder if it would make a cute swim suit. Any thoughts? Would it be too heavy to ruffle cutely?

    Nicole @motherof5

    I have these cut for my girls!

    I sized down and will fit while sewing,the fabric ruffles well and it is not necessary to finish it(mine hasn’t frayed)

    I made matching lined pants from the Nature Walk pants.

    I blogged it if you are interested.

    Kate @Kate

    Mother of 5:

    I looked at your blog… I see the nature walk swim shorts, but not the ruffled tank. Can you tell me the date of the post so I can look it up?

    (I love all of your outfits by the way and first tried the ruffled halter after being inspired by your orange one!)

    Nicole @motherof5

    Hi Kate,sorry it has taken me so long to answer. The forum didn’t want me to log in today!

    I blogged the bottoms,but didn’t make up the tops as the local pool closed for repairs and our troop wear wet suits at the beach.

    I decided not to make them until needed as I find swimmers need fitting!

    When I cut mine I sized down,I didn’t cut the ruffles on the bias but I saved some scraps in case the top ruffle did not sit nicely.

    I will not neaten the edges as I looked at several store bought ones and they don’t tend to neaten the ruffle.

    Good luck,I look forward to seeing what you make and what help you can give me!

    PS Thanks for the lovely compliments!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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