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pretreating wool for coat – help!

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    sosew @sosew

    new wool coating (a lightweight melton) and coat lining (some kind of satiny thing with extra thermal lining)
    wash the lining? something else?
    dryclean the wool? dry the wool in the dryer with wet towels? something else?
    im scared of ruining it all

    Nicole @motherof5

    I would pre-wash in the machine, with a approved wool wash. I use Softly in AUS.
    I would treat both fabrics the same as they will be laundered together once it is made.

    I would never ever tumble dry wool, some girls do though, Do you have a trampoline? They are awesome to dry wool on.

    If you are super nervous, wash a swatch first. Wool is generally pretty hardy and great to sew with. Use lots of seam and let the seam dry and set before handling it.

    Good luck!

    nzsewist @Ann-Maree

    I hand wash mine in wool wash and dry flat (a trampoline sounds like a great idea!) before cutting and sewing. With whatever lining I’m using too, although sometimes I separate them if I’m worried about any colour coming out. If colour does come out of the wool then I keep washing until it stops shedding dye or add some white vinegar and salt to the rinsing water to help set the colour a little better. I’ve got a couple of really large buckets that are fine for washing a piece of wool for a child’s coat but if you’re sewing for yourself then you might find you need a large laundry tub or a bath to have enough space to move the fabric around.

    I’ve never bothered with dry cleaning. It’s just too expensive and I’ve had items come back in worse condition than when I dropped them off. I just hand wash or spot clean woollen items and I’ve never had any problem as long as I am gentle with them.

    Are you making the school days coat. I have made that in wool twice now and it is a dream to sew up! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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