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off topic – but on season

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    Ohhowsweet @Ohhowsweet

    Hi fellow crafty ladies:

    (Todd and Liesl – if this is inappropriate please don’t hesitate to delete!)

    This is (somewhat) unrelated to specifically sewing with O + S patterns, but still may ring true in some of you either way. There is an online community that some of you may even know about – over at Momastery.com. Glennon, the blog’s founder, has created a “helping hands” forum which is a collective posting of people posting needs (any and all kinds – clothing for their kids, pack and plays, requests for $ towards their kids’ Christmas presents since they’ve been laid off, prayers, coupons, etc, needs of ALL kind) and also those posting things they are able to give. Most people that give, though, respond to the “needs” posts directly. Matt and I just bought half a set of tires for a family of 7 that is struggling.

    Where this comes in with a community like the O+S forum is this – so many of you have kiddos that have outgrown clothes, or have some extra fabric and extra time (ha!) to make something – pants, a few burp cloths, a snuggly simple quilt. Some of these people are so desperate for basics. BASICS.

    Here’s the link to the community if you can help (or even if YOU need help). Its open to the entire world. Seriously.


    Thanks for reading!

    Happy holidays!!



    sayiamyou @maraya

    Definitely on season, and on point I’d say. Thanks for the link. I vowed while I was pregnant with my daughter that at this time each year I would pack up toys and clothes that she no longer uses and give them to charity that will give to help families rather than sell the items. She is nearly 4 now and finally able to begin grasping that there are children who don’t have things like she does. I look forward to continuing this trend and having her participate in what she’d like to pass on to families that need help.

    Nicole @motherof5

    What a truly wonderful idea.

    Thank you for sharing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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