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New topic question and flickr question

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    desertk @desertk

    I was trying to search for a picture that I had posted to the flickr group, but I’m unable to find it and wondered if they are deleted? It was almost 2 years ago. My second question is how do you start a new topic? At the bottom of the page I see that it says that you can’t start a new topic. Is the just for me 🙁 or do I need a certain number of posts or something else I’m missing?

    Thanks so much,

    desertk @desertk

    Ok, well by posting this I answered my own question. However I thought it was going to post under the “about the forums”. Not sure how I managed that?

    Tamara @justsewit

    Hi Kerri

    “About the forums” is a category with which you can start a new thread and ask questions like you have just done. So (thumbs up!) job done on that question.

    As for the flickr photos, I have been posting on flickr for more than three years and all of my photos are still there. Did you tag yours at all?

    I haven’t tagged all of my photos but it would help if you had heaps and were trying to sift through them to find a particular one. All I can suggest is to keep going through them. Sometimes it pops up and sometimes they don’t – just like if you were going through physical photos.

    I hope this helps.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I am pretty sure it would not be deleted.
    With the old flickr accounts only a certain amount of photos were visible if you were a free account customer, if you had a Pro account, all your photos were visible.

    I find it useful to create albums of photos and categorise them to make it easier to find them in the future.

    Perhaps try searching through your photo stream rather then the group.

    (And welcome to you)!

    honeymadeit @honeymadeit

    On the top black band on the flicker page is the word (you),click that then click photostream. That will take you to a page with the pictures you posted.

    kgiff @kgiff

    If you go to the photo pool on the group page, on the upper right next to search you will see a contributors drop down. Your name should be first (if you are logged in and have pictures in the pool). Clicking on your name will show your photos.

    Where to find my photos in group on flickr

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    dubhels2003 @dubhels2003

    I had a strange thing with flickr in that when I looked at the oliver and s flickr group at home then I could see my pictures, but if I looked on my Mum’s computer at her house I couldn’t. Turned out that this was because I was logged into flickr on my machine, and not on my Mum’s, and I had a funny setting on accessing the pictures, maybe accessible to members of the group only. I can’t remember how I discovered this, but it’s probably worth you logging into flickr and trying to find them in your own feed to see if you can see them, and then checking the settings on the pictures/your profile if you can.

    Can you tell I’m no expert at flickr?!

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