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New sewing machine

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    Noodles @Noodles

    Hi there

    Well, I have just been given the opportunity by my dear husband to get a new sewing machine! Woo hoo! So I thought I’d garner some opinions of what I should look at. I currently have a very basic Brother XL 3022 which I was given for my birthday about 10yrs ago, so pretty much anything would be an upgrade! I am only looking at about $1500Aus max price, so nothing too extravagant.

    I had looked at the Memorycraft 4900 as well as the bernina 380 (a little over price range) and then the lady at my local machine dealer suggested a Brother NV 800 I think it was.

    Do any of you expert sewers have an opinion on this? I mostly do garment sewing, but occasionally a bit of quilting..

    ahh so excited just to go shopping for it!


    Rpankow @excytin


    I have a MC4800 QC and LOVE it! It’s been such a loyal and faithful machine. I swear I mistreat it and it keeps on going. I’ve done mostly clothing with it but have dabbled in some quilting projects and it works great. The only time it didn’t work well was when it needed to go in for maintenance, only the first time since I had already owned and used for several years. I keep telling myself I’d like to have a serger, but the space it takes up and justifying it while having this machine. This machine I’ve used on knits, cottons, fleece, etc and has worked great.

    My mother, who’s an avid sewer, picked this out for me as a christmas present years ago. I trust her judgement, as the dealer’s who sold it to her. I guess these models they sell a lot of. I was told that they were solid for the price. Granted I only have 3 of us in the family, but usually have some type of project going at all times. Good luck choosing and have fun with your new toy! 🙂 Thank goodness for wonderful husbands who understand our addictions.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Spotlight SA have some amazing deals at present.

    I would suggest doing some research first, but the prices are very good ( over 1/2 reduced)! There is an Elna $700+ overlocker on sale for $350, I may even get one to put away for the twins!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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