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    Anonymous @

    Has anyone put up a new checklist that includes the fall patterns?



    elephantinthestudy @elephantinthestudy

    Here it is, I have added below.

    SPRING 08 0~24m 2T~5T

    Bubble dress

    Swingset Tunic and skirt

    Puppet show tunic and shorts

    Tea party sundress/ playsuit/ bloomers

    FALL ’08 6m~3T 4T~8T

    Bedtime story pajamas

    Playdate dress

    Sunday brunch Jacket and A-line skirt

    Sandbox pants and starfish stencil

    2+2 blouse and skirt

    SPRING ’09 6m~3T 4T~8T

    Sailboat top, skirt, pants

    Birthday party dress

    FALL ’09 6m~3T 4T~8T

    Jumprope dress

    School days jacket

    SPRING ’10 6m~4T 5T~12T

    Sketch book shirt and shorts

    Icecream dress

    Music class skirt and blouse

    FALL ’10 6m~4T 5T~12T

    School photo dress

    Nature walk pullover and knit pants

    Music box jumper

    Hopscotch shirt, dress and skirt (knit)

    SPRING ’11 6m~4T 5T~12T

    Family reunion dress

    Seashore sundress

    Classic picnic blouse and shorts

    FALL ’11 6m~4T 5T~12T

    After school shirt and pants

    Apple picking dress

    Sleepover pajamas

    SPRING ’12 6m~4T 5T~12T

    Croquet dress

    Secret agent trench coat

    Badminton skirt, top and dress

    FALL ’12 6m~4T 5T~12T

    Fairy tale dress

    Book report dress

    Field trip cargo pants and raglan t shirt


    Hoopla skirt (only digital

    Firefly jacket (only digital)


    popover sundress

    ruffle halter top

    lazy days skirt

    I hope I did not miss anything. Also I put the two digital patterns that came in between (firefly jacket and skirt, at the bottom). Is thee a better place to put it? Please feel free to tinker with this, and re-post it.

    Asmita (aka elephantinthestudy–my new name 🙂

    Liesl Gibson

    Wow, thanks for doing this!

    Todd Gibson

    And, with a big thanks to Kim, here’s the wonderful PDF checklist updated for everyone to use.

    Todd Gibson

    Kim has been at it again! She’s updated her great PDF checklist for all of us. It’s now available for anyone to use. Thanks Kim.

    Todd Gibson

    And once again, it’s Kim to the rescue with an update to her checklist! Her great PDF checklist has now been updated to include the Fall 2013 patterns. Thanks so much Kim.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Thank you Kim! It’s much appreciated!

    Greenpip @Greenpip

    Just bumping this one up for anyone wanting to use the checklist to work out which patterns to pick up in the sale.

    Todd Gibson

    And again thanks to Kim for updating her checklist once again. You can download a version of the latest file with this link.

    Bookwyrm @Bookwyrm

    The checklist doesn’t seem quite accurate to me. It seems to list Lullaby Layette as starting at 6 months and going to size 12. Is the rest accurate?

    So the only patterns for children under 6 months are Lullaby Layette and the four from Spring 2008?

    Tamara @justsewit

    The lullaby layette only goes to a size 2. The first few patterns only went to size five I think and then a few at size 8 and then the later ones to size 12.

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Bookwyrm, that’s my understanding that only the first 4 plus the new layette set cater for under 6m. Everything else starts at 6m size.

    Kim @kmac0107

    I’m sorry I missed that and I’ll fix it.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Thank you so much Kim, you are clever, I would have NO idea!

    bren5kids @bren5kids

    I was going over and filling out the new checklist this weekend (in which I discovered that I have 35 O+S patterns!!! including paper patterns of all the first patterns, Spring and Fall 2008, many in both sizes!) and found that there is not a separate Playtime Leggings listed. No big deal to me, but thought the creator might like to know.

    Trust me, I am not complaining. I would not have the foggiest notion how to go about putting together something like this! I love it and find it so useful. So thank-you so very much, Kim!!

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