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Mystery fabric suggestions

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    Maggie @Maggie

    My daughter’s kindergarten teacher gave me a bag of fabric that belonged to her mother. One piece looks like lightweight twill, but is very, very drapey. I burned a little scrap, and it doesn’t seem to have any polyester.

    So any ideas what to call this? More importantly, what should I make? It is too heavy for summery tops, but maybe a skirt. I was thinking about the hopscotch skirt, but does that look better with a crisp fabric?

    The color is similar to a dark wash jean.

    Reeni @Reeni

    how much is there, and how wide? Maybe some After-school Pants or shorts, or a jumper?

    mkhs @mkhs

    Might be a cotton/modal twill. I had a piece of that in army green and used it for shorts (class picnic and sketchbook) and lined a bucket hat. Still have a bit left. The music box jumper is nice in light bottomweights, too.

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I’ve got a mystery piece of fabric that sounds simular, looks like twill but the feel and drape is so very soft. I’ve been thinking of a family reunion dress, but what about a 2+2 top?

    Maggie @Maggie

    Thanks for the ideas. It is about 42″ wide, and I have about 2 yards. Shorts might be just the thing. They would be soft and durable.

    I do love free fabric, but it creates a bit of a puzzle.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I am late to the party but may I play?

    Liesl made the grooviest Playdate dress for S in denim,it was fabulous.

    May I suggest that?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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