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Lining Sketchbook Shorts

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    mcholley1 @mcholley1

    I want to make my daughter a pair of corduroy sketchbooks to wear over tights. I’m worried about cotton shorts worn over thick cotton tights bunching up when she moves. I have some sort of mystery polyester lining in the right color in my stash. Is there a reason I can’t just interline my shorts, cut the lining shorter, and catch them in the hem? Or should I be doing two separate pairs with separate hems only treated as one at the waistband?

    needlewoman @needlewoman

    I want to line the shorts section of the T Party playsuit – in particular I want to make them so that the legs can be turned up (in case they are too long, because I don’t have good measuring access) with the colourful lining showing, i.e. instead of hemmed short legs. I’ve checked the photos in the archives but just to be sure want to ask if after I’ve made the outside and the inside lining, could I sew the legs together (right sides) together and then turn them right side in, without mucking it up? (Sorry, rather long question, there). Has anyone done what I’ve tried to describe with trousers/shorts? Please??

    Nicole @motherof5

    My girls wear their brothers hand-me-down Sketchbook shorts over tights without issues but lined shorts would be warmer.

    I would cut the lining from the front piece after you have set the pockets in,add bit to the side seam (1/4′)? and gather the top to fit,same with the back.

    Finish shorts up to hemming,put right sides together,attach waistband treating them 2as1.

    I would probably let them hang for a day and then hem them trimming the lining a wee bit and catching it in the shorts hem.

    So,pretty well what you suggested.

    I would do the same with the Tea Party but treat the bodice as the waistband.

    I hope that makes sense….


    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    I’ve made a few pairs of lined pants for winter for my son (rib knit under cotton drill using a Burda pattern but very similar to the sketchbook) and I did as Nicole suggested. Cut the back pieces as per the pattern, cut the front lining pieces using the completed front piece (with pocket) as a pattern guide. The waistband folded over to catch the lining at the top and the hem held it at the bottom. Leaves no exposed seams, looks neat and added bonus is I didn’t bother to finish any seams (although you may need to with polyester lining)

    violetvata @violetvata

    Here is my mini photo tutorial for lining the Tea party playsuit, it has four parts, this is the link to the first, click thru to my photostream for the rest! Hope it helps


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