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    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Hi all, I’ve just copied this pattern out to make a coat (view A) for my son.

    I’ve chosen size 4 and then added 3/4″ in length at the waist notch, and another 3/4″ in length at the bottom seam.

    With regards to the belt loops and true positioning of the waist, I suppose I’ll just use the lower of the two waist marks (rather than the original shorter notch). Will that work?

    Also, do you think I need to drop the pocket placement down by 3/4″ too? I don’t want the pockets to bump into the belt….

    Will I have stuffed up the button hole placement and can I still use the template?

    Does any of that make sense or have I just horribly complicated things?….

    Thanks in anticipation of anyone making sense of all of that, or taking the time to reply.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Its pretty late here and I am tired but I would think if you use the top two rows of buttons and the redo the placement for the others?

    As for the pockets,I would try it on first and see before sewing the pockets on. It would not be hard to sew them on later if you were really concerned.


    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Thanks Nicole, very sensible advice.

    I think we’re in the same time zone, hence it was really too late at night for me to go and start amending a pattern!

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Now that my brain is working, won’t the pockets already be moved down 3/4″ as they are under the waist? If you can it would be good to make teh jacket and then check where you want the waist to sit as the keepers are one of the last things to do. I was thinking that witht he template for the button holes you might want to add 3/4″ between each set (ie at waist and below waist) as you added 3/4″ at the waist and the bottom. This would keep the button holes nicley spaced down the front. Or you could add 3/8″ between both sets of button holes, just dividing up the added waist length. But markeing them and trying them on is probably the best way to go. Good luck, I’ll be checking back later as I plan to make at least one that will need lengthening (and maybe and increase in size 🙁 )

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    The pockets sat across the side notches where I added some length. About 1/4 of the pocket was above the notch. I’ve left the pattern marking for the pocket in place as if I hadn’t dropped the waist. I’m yet to even cut the fabric, so I’ll just see what happens when i sew it.

    I think you’re right re the button holes. Leave the top ones and add the space between the button holes as per the space added to the midsection length.

    I think I would then want to drop the pockets as the lower button holes seem to line up nicely with the tips of the pocket flaps.

    When it comes to fruition I’ll try to take notes, and not work too late at night!

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    To answer my own question (in case anyone else is interested) I lowered the belt placement and the pockets by 3/4″. The top buttonholes I left in place. the lowest button holes I matched to the point of the pocket flap (as per the illustration on the pattern). The middle buttonholes I spaced evenly between the other. I think it worked and looked balanced in the end.

    So effectively the coat was 3/4″ longer in the torso (above the waist) and also 3/4″ longer at the hem.

    Mel @Mel

    I love this forum! I just finished tracing and was trying to decide where to add length. I thought I’d check here first and found what I need 🙂

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