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Is there an Oliver and S for knitting?

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    littlebirdy @littlebirdy

    I’d love to knit a little cardigan. . . Maybe a tank top for my little boy. . . to go with the clothes I’m sewing. I just wondered if anyone knows of a knitting company/designer that is as utterly gorgeous, clear and accessible as Oliver and S?

    Or maybe I shouldn’t begin another obsession and just go to Gap?!

    ckcsbella @ckcsbella

    Try Knitting Pure and Simple(they’re a pattern design company). Lovely, top down sweaters and cardigans for kids and adults. I am also fond of the book Easy Kid Knits by Claire Montgomery. Beautiful classic designs, and easy techniques. HTH!

    corlee @corlee

    have you tried ravelry? it’s a terrific resource. purlbee.com also has some knitting patterns, though not much for children.

    i’m knitting this right now for my daughter – it’s a great neutral pattern:

    http://100-rain.blogspot.com/2010/06/fishermans-pullover.html (available through ravelry)

    this is also cute (baby vest):


    some cardigan ideas (all found through ravelry – i tried to include the external links as you have to join ravelry – it’s free – to view the patterns there):






    just a thought too: not sure if you’ve knitted before, but it definitely takes longer than sewing does. i enjoy the process of knitting and being able to choose the fiber – it’s all worth it. it’s much like sewing in that regard. i knitted wearable items before i sewed them, and i remembered thinking how quickly things took shape and came about. having said that, i can’t pack up my sewing machine in a purse and go.

    hope this helps!

    icicle @icicle

    Have you seen Petite Purls? http://www.petitepurls.com/index.html It’s like Knitty for little kids — free patterns from submissions.

    Also, Rowan does some nice stuff for kids — ‘Pipsqueaks’, ‘Rowan Junior’ and ‘Little Knits’ especially.

    I also look for patterns from Louisa Harding, Debbie Bliss, Erika Knight, Lucinda Guy — mostly girl stuff, but that’s what I have and know.

    Also Berroco has come out with some nice pattern books lately — look for #293 Vintage Family and #303 Remix.

    As mentioned above, consider joining Ravelry! It’s free and is an utterly amazing resource.

    Nicole @motherof5

    So helpful! Must butter up my mother …..

    littlebirdy @littlebirdy

    Thanks everyone!!!

    I have joined ravelry. It’s amazing. I also looked through all the links above. So many gorgeous things. There are so many lovely things that stop at age 2. Why?????

    I have knitted a bit before, but not for a good while.

    I’m finding it harder to sew at the moment because if I get a bit of time off I have to leave the house . . . my twins are better at finding me! I can’t exactly sneak out with a sewing machine! It’s awful because I’m desperate to sew and I have a couple of things cut out and ready to go. Ho hum!

    Nicole @motherof5

    Robyn , do your chaps have a favourite show? Bob the Builder ect.

    When I have a new baby, to assist peaceful feeding time, I purchase a new video that is their favourite, and only let them watch it when I am feeding. The second I stop, the TV goes off!

    This worked a treat, the older siblings would quickly sit down and let me feed in peace. I had 3 under 2 years as well !

    Would this work with sewing, if they sit quietly, the show stays on. Of course its not a punishment, so if they can not , turn it off and do something else, just a suggestion.

    Good Luck


    littlebirdy @littlebirdy

    Thanks for the advice. My four year old is a bit of a complicated one! He turned 4 in April. He’s very clever and never ever plays! He has just taught himself spanish using Dora the explorer and by harassing anyone who speaks a little. He can count to 40 and has good conversational skills according to a spanish teacher we bumped into in a playground. I speak no Spanish so hadn’t realised! He loves science and has JUST started doing role play using scientific language. He would love to sit and watch Blast Lab with your son! I’m proud of him, but from the moment he gets up (at 5.50am) he wants very intensive interaction. He is fascinated by my sewing machine and how it works, so it’s impossible to sew when he’s around. He helped me make a bedding set for his sisters toy cot for her birthday, though!

    My twins are in full destruction mode! Yesterday one managed to open a packet of rice and sprinkle it over the kitchen floor, while the other had managed to unravel a whole toilet roll into the toilet in the space of five minutes! We’re having work done on our house so the kitchen isn’t child proofed!

    I’m shattered by bed time! I used to sew when they went to bed, but since my twins have become so physical I am getting too tired.

    I’ve been trying to see the funny side and even put photos on my feathered blog . . . but it’s getting harder!

    I have a child minder who comes for the odd few hours and I used to be able to hide at the top of our house to sew when she came. Now they seek me out!!!! It’s SOOOOO frustrating as there’s lots if ideas buzzing around in my head. Yesterday I sat in a cafe and did some drawing, which was nice.

    I am very, very in awe of how you manage your wonderful family! Mine do have things they like to watch on tv, but it is a rare thing to get them all watching at the same time!

    Lots of lovely and amazing things too . . . it’s just a bit of a hard slog sometimes!!!

    Thanks again!!!!

    Robyn x

    littlebirdy @littlebirdy

    p.s. I hope I wasn’t too moany! I know it’s tough for everyone!

    Nicole @motherof5

    I was just thinking of you! I know it is so hard! I an glad we took so many photo’s because I was so tired I don’t remember alot of the girls being babies.

    We used to call our twins seek and destroy , they were really naughty and got into any thing with in reach. They could get the childproof lids off the medicine bottles and would grab them and hide them, so you had to check you had locked them back in the medicine cabinet.( I know this sound obvious , but you could not even put the bottle up high and go back to it, they watched and waited)

    I stopped work when they were born , so I raised poddy calves to make some money. One wet night it was too cold to take them out, so I left them in the house, about 60 metres from the paddock with the doors open so I could see them, ( they were 2 1/2).

    The door slamed and I had a really bad feeling so I ran back, just in time. They had turned all the gas jets on the stove and were sitting on the glass lid reaching up to turn on the power to the electric spark ( which I kept turned off). The house reeked of gas , they would have blown them selves and the house with them. Twins have 2 little brains ready to work together.

    It gets easier , and they are wonderful, but I do understand !

    Nicole @motherof5

    No not too moany at all, thats the idea of forums, to share and support !

    I hope I did not sound bossy, I just understand that frustrating of wanting to create and not being able to.

    littlebirdy @littlebirdy

    Oh you are fantastic!!!!

    Seek and Destroy has completely made my day!

    You certainly didn’t sound bossy. Thanks so much. Good luck with your day. And what’s a poddy calf????

    Nicole @motherof5

    Poor little motherless calfs that you feed and rear by hand, fatten them up on farm( where they wreck fences and break troughs ) and then sell them at market when they are 2-3 years old ( and try not to think about where they end up )

    littlebirdy @littlebirdy

    We have a big love of cows here! My 2 year old is obsessed. We’re off to the farm today.

    I have just cleaned my hob in homage to your twins!

    Toyota888 @Toyota888

    Ah reading about life with twins makes me feel so relaxed 🙂

    Robyn I think you might need to pay your local cafe to let you leave your machine set up there!!! It’s funny in the last month I have also begun to think about knitting – when I take my boys to swimming lessons I’m just sitting there not doing anything – it would be great to be knitting away. Last week I took some mending in furtherance of my new “inner city almost Amish part time lawyer mother of 3” thing I am now cultivating! The other day on the train to work in pin stripe suit I did the hand stitching on a dress hem – that was funny.

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