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How to finish the hem so the flannel lining shows

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    Kim @kmac0107

    I made theses in a size 2 for my granddaughter, age 22 months, from denim and lined them with flannel. I ended up trimming the flannel lining 1 3/4 inches, from the bottom of the legs, so that it would lie flat inside the denim bottom fold when I sewed the denim hem. How do I finish the bottoms so that the flannel will show when rolled up?

    Liesl Gibson

    If the flannel lining was the same length as the outside pant I would suggest just rolling the outside fabric toward the inside twice to create a narrow hem. Then when you cuff the pants the lining would show. But with the lining shorter than the outside fabric, you’ll need to make a wider hem, which would then prevent the lining from being exposed.

    When I made S flannel-lined pants years ago, I added a bias binding to the bottom edge. But the two layers were the same length for that.

    Has anyone else done this, and can you make suggestions? Any other ideas? Maybe apply a separate band of flannel to the bottom?

    Nicole @motherof5

    Would it work if you made the lining and pants the same length and pressed up a narrow hem, 1/2 inch, put the two together and stitched them together along the bottom of the pant?

    You could then continue, treating the lining and pants as one ,attaching the waist band etc. Then you wouldn’t have any raw edges.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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