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How many times do you make up a pattern??

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    Anonymous @

    I’ve made 3 sets of Storytime pjs and 2 Jump Rope dresses. I’m planning to make at least 2 more Jump Rope dresses for winter and I’m sure I’ll keep making them with each season. I just love that pattern! I know I’ll keep making the pjs each season as well. I think I usually make just 1 or 2 in a size of each pattern.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I found these gorgeous patterns about 9 months ago since then I have made 11 Jumprope dresses , 9 Sunday Brunch jackets and skirts, 6 Sailboat pants, 5 Sailboat tops , 6 Sketchbook shirts , 6 versions of the Sketchbooks shorts ,5 Ice Cream Dresses/Blouse’s,

    4 Play Date dresses ,4 2+2 Blouses and skirts, 4 Bubble dresses, 4 sets of Bedtime Story pj’s, 2 Music Lesson blouse’s, 1 School Photo Day dress,1 Puppet Show dress, 1 pair of Puppet show shorts, 1 School Days jacket …. I think that is it

    I have loved every minute of it !

    beachmom @beachmom

    I’ve made the Jump Rope Dress 3 times (one for each girl), Puppet show shorts 3 times though the first pair was way too small for my girls to wear, and the 2+2 blouse twice. Lazy Days skirt twice but my oldest made one too. The Sunday Brunch skirt, Sandbox pants, Sailboat pants, Sailboat top, Swingset top, Popover tunic, and the Ruffled halter one time. I currently working on another 2+2.

    The bigger size patterns will definitely be made multiple times this year.

    sadies closet @sadies closet

    My list is much more modest. You all are so impressive. I’ve made 2 Jumprope dresses, 2 2+2 blouses, 1 2+2 skirt, 2 Sailboat skirts, 1 Puppet Show dress, 1 Birthday Party dress, 1 Popover dress, and 4 Lazy Days skirts. Next up is a Sunday Brunch jacket and a few skirts. I am eyeing some of the newer patterns but as my daughter is a size 4, I am waiting for her to grow into a size 5 so that I can purchase the patterns and use them for a few years. My oldest boy is begging for the sketchbook pattern so that will probably be my next one.

    etc3 @etc3

    So far I have made 3 Jump Rope dresses, 4 2+2 blouses, 5 pairs of Puppet Show shorts, 3 Ruffle halters, 2 pairs of Sailboat pants, 1 Sailboat top, 1 Sailboat skirt, 8 pairs of Sandbox pants (including 3 pairs as shorts), 2 Sketchbook shirts, 2 pairs Sketchbook shorts, 2 Tea Party dresses, 3 Ice-cream blouses, 2 Popover dresses and countless Lazy Days skirts. I wish I had my daughter’s wardrobe, I really do. I’m itching to get my hands on the new patterns but still have to make Birthday dress, Sunday Brunch and School Days which are all sitting in my pattern basket calling my name.

    shasta @shasta

    This is fun! There should be a prize for the person who sewed the most (motherof5 ?). Maybe a day off from sewing?

    Let’s see, I started off with the Bedtime Story PJ’s. I’ve made 3 sets (2 to keep, 1 to gift) and many more pairs of just the bottoms. 1 Sailboat pants and 2 tops. 1 School Days Jacket. 2 Sketchbook Shirts (1 short-sleeve and 1 long-sleeve). 2 Ice Cream Dresses (as gifts for twins — I only have a boy — I have to admit I’m a wee bit jealous of all you mothers of girls — the dresses are so darling).

    I just got the Nature Walk pattern and have been sitting on the Sandbox Pants for awhile. I plan to make both for fall.

    My husband says I never cook the same recipe twice or sew the same pattern twice. It’s not entirely true!

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