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Help With Dyeing Fabric

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    emstone @emstone

    Ok Ladies, I have an odd question but if anybody can help I know you can. I cut out some puppet show shorts for my 3yo from an old denim skirt of mine. I was so excited that all the pattern pieces were going to fit and forgot to flip over the main shorts piece. Now I have one side of the shorts that will have the right side of the denim out and one that will have the wrong side of the denim out. There is a definite difference in the color from the right side vs. the wrong side of the denim. I am wondering first if I can dye the denim so it will all be the same color (just planning to use a navy dye) and then if it will dye correctly am I going to mess up the pieces because I have already cut them out. Thanks for all the help/suggestions in advance.


    beachmom @beachmom

    I would think that the right and wrong sides will take the dye differently. I’ve overdyed jeans that were getting faded and the outside and inside didn’t end up the same color. Maybe someone else more familar with dye will have more insight…

    Brittney @georgeandizzy

    It will most likely take the dye differently. I have experimented a little with onesies and have noticed the ones that start off white end up very different than the ones that start off pink, even if they are in the same dye bath. Could you possibly serge or zig zag then dye them? Then at least you could see if you could get them to the same color before you make them.

    Nicole @motherof5

    You would have to be jolly clever to get them to match. The lighter piece would need to be in for a long time before the rest were added and then you would need to monitor and have a good eye to match them up.

    Could you make a feature from the different colour? I regularly flip denim to use the wrong side as a detail.

    As a last resort,sew them up and then soak them flat(like in a bath)in a mild bleach solution,this may even out the colour?

    Good luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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