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finishing inside of playdate yoke?

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    katie @katie

    I am making the playdate dress for my almost one-year old’s birthday. I wondered if anyone has advice on how to finish the inside of the dress where it is joined to the yoke? I want it to be neat but am using a light wool so need an option that won’t add bulk. I could always just zig zag the edges but thought there might be a prettier way to do it!

    claireabel @claireabel

    Hi Katie

    I haven’t made this dress yet but wonder whether a bound seam would work (like in the Sunday Brunch jacket).

    Nicole @motherof5

    Hi, if you are using a very fine wool ,binding the neck seam may work well, however I would use a cotton,wider (homemade) binding and I would leave off the piping.

    If you really want the piping, I would suggest attaching it to the neckline and then overlocking them both to neaten seam, and then attach yoke as per pattern.

    Hope this is some help!

    meleliza @meleliza

    I’ve just been working on this today. I didn’t use piping and I folded the raw edge under and stitched it to itself. It’s not my favorite way to finish a seam, but it’s a tricky spot. You spend all this time getting the yoke so perfect, that being left with a unsightly raw edge feels dissapointing. I can see seam binding working too, but haven’t learned that technique yet. I plan to do a Sunday Brunch jacket soon so I can.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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