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Fabric Sailboat pants for Baptism outfit

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    Cara @caraskates

    I was just asked/volunteered to make pants for my youngest cousin’s baptism (in 2 weeks). For many reasons, his baptism was pushed back and now it will coincide with his first birthday! Obviously he doesn’t fit into the family christening gown, nor would that be practical on a 1yo who crawls and climbs everything.

    I just made a Sailboat skirt yesterday and loved it, so I told his mom I could make him a pair of the pants since it is so hard to find white baby boy pants for a 1yo (wearing size 12-18mo RTW).

    I am thinking a nice baby wale corduroy would work well? I thought of linen or something dressier but it is winter here. They will be white and he will probably never wear them again as white pants on a crawling baby are not practical. I also want them to be full length and I might omit the vents? Or will that take away the charm?

    I took a quick measurement today (not sure how accurate as he is a wiggleworm) and got 12″ for his outseam so I am thinking I might not even need to lengthen the size 12-18months. He is a shortie but delightfully chubby.

    All and any suggestions and tips welcome! I won’t be able to try them on him so they need to fit reasonably well! He is in diapers but disposable.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Hi @caraskates, I think they will look adorable.

    I have a tute here http://fiveandcounting-motherof5.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/short-cut-sailboat-pants.html if you would like a look at the construction (apologies for the dated graphics, I was in my colour phase)

    These are a great trouser to size up, which will give you that longer leg you are after.
    I would be inclined to leave the vents, even if you make them longer. They look cute and will give them longer wearability.

    I hope that is some help.

    PS How jolly kind of you.


    mcholley1 @mcholley1

    What top are you planning with the pants? If the top hangs over the pants you’ll have less pressure getting a perfect fit. I would vote for a sateen for the pants to give them a little structure. A cord would be my second choice.

    If you are making the top too…do you have a way to monogram the front? I think an all white sailboat set with a monogram on the front could be sweet.

    As another thought…if you are worried about the cold, my son wore lots of rompers at this age. I liked Children’s corner Johnny but have seen a lot of great lengthened tea party rompers.

    Tamara @justsewit

    I agree with sateen for choice. It will look slightly dressier also. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of colour into the mix. Even though my son wore the Christening gown I had already made, I made a silk romper for him to wear to my sister’s wedding the same year, in ivory silk and lightblue mini piping. It was perfect and very manly looking for the occasion and I have put it away as a potential christening choice for his children.

    I like the fact that these days, we have choice over what to dress our children for their baptisms. And I love the choice of pants you have made. They are very easy to construct and will look very dapper on the day. I am wondering how a sketchbook shirt and art museum vest will look as companions? But if you are stretched for time and/ or don’t have these patterns, the idea of the sailboat top with a monogram would be absolutely perfect.

    Please show us the finished outfit won’t you? I would love to see it.

    dubhels2003 @dubhels2003

    They sound lovely! I lengthened the leg and put in contrast turn ups https://flic.kr/p/iTaDxk

    The turnups might be a bit too informal got the baptism. I think I just straightened the pattern from the knee(ish) and added length.

    Cara @caraskates

    Thanks all! These are great suggestions and ideas!

    Nicole, I will definitely refer to your tutorial when I make them.

    Based on his height/weight, he is at the bottom of the 12-18month size so I plan to make that with maybe just a tad more length. And because he will probably only wear them this once, I want them to be a good fit now and not “room to grow”, like the Seashore sundress I just made his sister!

    I do have access to an embroidery machine but I think his mom is going to get him a white button up shirt to wear and he will wear a onesie under the whole thing for warmth. Maybe I’ll put a hidden monogram on the pants facing or something.

    I am still leaning towards white cord for the pants but it will depend on what I find locally. Hoping to check Joanns first and then I have some local shops that cater to the Amish/Mennonite population but sometimes have nice apparel fabrics.

    Reeni @Reeni

    may I suggest a nice wool for the pants for warmth? I am volunteered to make an outfit for my nephew whenever they decide to christen him (hopefully sometime in the spring) but I saw some white wool suiting at Joann’s that made me want to start right away.

    Nicole @motherof5

    @caraskates cord can look especially lush if you reverse the nap a la @liesl 🙂

    Cara @caraskates

    Thanks for all the tips and suggestions! Unfortunately the baptism was postponed due to a nasty stomach bug taking out their entire house (except for the little guy, gotta love those mama’s milk immunities!). It might not happen till May now so I’m going to wait a little and see how much he grows. I am still making him a pair of sailboat pants as a (belated) birthday gift. Royal blue baby wale cord and I found the cutest colored wood buttons. I’ll share a photo when it’s done and it will be a great trial for whenever I get around to the baptism pants!

    It will be warm (ish) here by May so maybe I’ll go with linen or sateen then. He might be up to the next size too!

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