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Fabric marking method

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    heck @heck

    Hi, all! I was just gifted a length of gorgeous antique hand-woven Thai silk with an ivory ground…what’s the best way to mark it? I’m concerned about water spots with a wash-out marker, and wonder if I’d ever be able to completely remove marks made with an air marker or tailor’s chalk. Does anybody have other ideas for me?



    Nicole @motherof5

    I love sewing with silk.

    I use tailors chalk (in a re=fillable pencil) and find it brushes off nicely. If you are nervous perhaps use stitching in contrasting thread(tailors knots).

    Dont’ forget to pre shrink your fabric as you mean to maintain it.

    Lucky lucky you!.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Yes I use chalk also because even an air erasable marker can stain such precious fabric.

    heck @heck

    Thanks, ladies! I *SO* appreciate your advice– looks like I’ll be using tailors’ chalk! I’m planning a bubble dress with it, so there’s not a ton of marking, but some on the right side, which makes me nervous. And yes, I was very, very lucky to get this silk! A dear elderly friend was cleaning out his attic & came across a box of fabric that belonged to his father…he thinks it may be 50+ years old!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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