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fabric clearance sale: what would you like?

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    Liesl Gibson

    Hey everyone, we need to clear up some space in the studio and would like to hold a sample sale for a lot of our fabric: past and present collections, Oliver + S and Lisette, JoAnn and Spotlight lines. We’re trying to find an efficient method for selling it, so here are a few options we’re considering.

    1. Sample packages: 1-yard or 2-yard cuttings of several different fabrics (maybe five fabrics?) bundled together.

    2. Individual fabrics sold as a single quantity: we post a photo of a fabric, list the quantity and the price, and sell the fabric in one piece. We can’t cut special orders–the whole quantity would be for sale as one piece (generally between 1 and 4 yards).

    3. Surprise scrap bags: cuttings of less than one yard of a bunch of different fabrics. Maybe 5 yards total?

    Does this interest anyone? And if so, which option do you prefer: 1-3? And before you get TOO excited, I don’t have much City Weekend left, but there is a little bit here and there.

    Jane @jesims

    I like the idea of #1 or #2, that way there is enough for a project. I get frustrated when I have a great piece of fabric but not enough to work w/ so #3 is less like able, but maybe that’s only because you used the word scrap.


    Masha Richart

    This is so exciting! I agree with Jane – I’d like to be sure I get enough for a project.

    sfsara @sfsara

    i like the #1 option – enough to do something with and a bundle to make me try new things!

    Erin78 @Erin78

    option #1 is the most appealing to me. crossing my fingers to find some of my favorite prints!

    violetvata @violetvata

    Perhaps option 1 or 2 for fabrics that can be used for garments and then have scrap bags for quilters? Maybe sorted by color/ theme/ gender? I also LOVE the idea of having coordinates together ( if you need a contrast fabric for the collar, etc, that is sold along with the main piece)….

    ilovebeam @ilovebeam

    I like option 1 and 2. Although, instead of a whole bundle, perhaps more of a feature fabric and an accent fabric combo. That way it’s still not much fabric so the cost low but also gives variety. Would be great to go with one of the singles patterns!!

    meleliza @meleliza

    I like 2 best, though 1 might be useful too.

    Darcy Struble @darcyjane

    I would agree with 1 or 2. I like 1 for getting a bundle with some things that I may have not picked out otherwise.

    thejennigirl @thejennigirl


    Although I gree with meleliza that option #1 might be useful

    I’d love to get my sticky fingers on some of the Spotlight only Lissette fabrics! (Especially some Cameo….)

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I like #2 as well, since my stash is so far out of control. I would find it hard to justify buying a bundle to get only one or two things I needed. My kid grew so fast I already have a billion single-yard cuts that I have to figure out how to use.

    bren5kids @bren5kids

    Option 2 would be most useful for my growing girls and I. But I wouldn’t turn my nose up at option 1 either 🙂 Option 3 would be least appealing because I already have too many small pieces of fabric that I don’t know what to do with.

    Tassiemum @Tassiemum

    Option 2 would be the best for me now my son and daughter are bigger. I do still have a whole stash of Oliver + S fabric I haven’t even used yet – maybe with the new patterns

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Probably 1 and 3. I like these sort of surprises, but I can see why 2 would be very appealing 🙂

    LucyM @LucyM

    Options 1 and 2 appeal to me the most. I prefer more substantial cuts of fabric.

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