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seashore sundress–cutting the fabric

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    dianelyons @dianelyons

    I cut out the seashore sundress paper pattern tonight and am so excited to get started. I actually bought the fabric shown on the pattern but I’m having trouble figuring out how to lay out and cut the pieces so the fabric designs will all match at the seams when I sew the dress together. Can any one provide me with any tips?

    Thanks a million in advance!

    Nicole @motherof5

    I had planned to make this dress for my girls last summer and ran out of time!

    I know several girls have made these and hopefully they can chime in with some more tips.

    When I am super fussy cutting I do tend to cut pieces separately rather then on the folded fabric.

    I would start with the front centre and cut the pattern piece as a whole piece rather then on the fold. So draft it and rather then a straight line down the middle flip it on that line and cut it as one piece. I hope that makes sense. http://www.flickr.com/photos/motherof5/6858580756/

    I tend to use my underarm seam as a guide for my pattern repeat(as long as there are no side darts),that or the notches are a good guide.

    I would cut one of the front side panels to match my front centre bodice(allowing for seams) and then use that cut piece as a pattern to cut the other side.

    If you lay them right sides together enough of the print will show through to make matching easier.

    The cut the other pieces following that method.

    Good luck,I hope this is some help-oooooh I want to go and cut mine out now!

    Anna @Anna

    I made the seashore dress, size 3, for my daughter in the same fabric as shown on the pattern envelope. The pattern placement and cutting out was the most time consuming part of the project for me. I cut the front and back panels on the fold – folded the green directly down the centre for the front and back panels. I also cut the facings the same way so it matched. The side panels ended up being the same both front and back with the green. Then when cutting out the back skirt part, I folded the fabric the same as the bodice front and back panels (green french curve folded directly in half). By doing this, the centre back of the skirt matched perfectly with the centre back of the dress and very close to the green coming down from the back side panels. I tried to line up the green on the front side panels – not perfect, but close.

    I did not lay the entire pattern out and cute it out, I did it piece by piece which allowed me to line up and match the pattern. I hope this helps 🙂

    My finished dress: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71420178@N04/6630539733/

    dianelyons @dianelyons

    Thank you both so much for responding to my question. I’m fairly new to sewing and I think having this forum avaliable is truly wonderful. Last night I felt so overwhelmed and then I remembered I could ask all of these really talented and nice people for help. I’ve now cut out the front center and two front side pannels. I’ve also cut one of the front ruffle and pocket pieces. So far, if I’ve calculated everything right, I think the pieces should match up beautifully. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment –last night I felt the despair of not knowing where to begin and now I’ve got that energized feeling of determination that I CAN do this! Thanks both for your practical suggestions and for your kindness to take the time to help me.

    dianelyons @dianelyons

    To Anna and MotherofFive: Thanks for your help with this dress. Here’s a picture of it finished. Sorry about taking the photo against a yellow background!


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