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Colette sewing books?

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    Linda @Knitting1

    Hi sewers! I am thinking of buying the two Colette books- the Sewing Handbook and the book on knits. I already have an old-ish Vogue Sewing book and am fairly competent with basic sewing techniques, including zips, buttonholes, plackets, etc. I fancy the Colette books because I enjoy her blog etc and patterns and am currently working my way through the Wardrobe Architect and loving it. I want the knits one because I want to start using knits and never have. However, I read some negative reviews on knit book which said photos too small and a few other things. Do any of you have either of these books? If so, what observations would you make? Thank you, Linda

    Robin @Robin

    Hi Linda, a good friend told me that the knit information you’ll find on this website is more than you’ll find in most books. Can you look at the book in person before you buy it?

    Have you bought “Fit for Real People”? Nothing on knits, but helpful for fitting.

    Mel @Mel

    Does your local library have a copy? I often borrow books before I buy them.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Linda, do you Pinterest?

    I have got so many knit tips from there.

    (Not that I have read the book, sorry, I cannot comment on it)

    Tamara @justsewit

    Linda, I have both these books but quite frankly they are really aimed at the beginner to intermediate sewer. The first book has projects you can work on so I see this one as a better buy because of the free patterns within. Having said that though, I haven’t actually sewn any of her patterns even though I have many. Of course it is a good read and there is always something you will find out from reading books such as these. The kints book I really haven’t properly looked at but I think the reason for this was that when it arrive I was sort of put off by it. Again, I know more about knits and I didn’t really learn anything new in it but it doesn’t mean you would have the same sort of reaction. I think the knits book would be handy but I would really recommend you look at Claire Schaeffer’s fabric guide if you want to find oyt what to use with particular fabrics. That is a very thick book with a huge wealth of information in it. I turn to it constantly when I have fabric I am not used to sewing with (for example the faux fur I used to sew my daughter a jacket a couple of years ago). This book has info about wovens and knits and everything in between.

    I particularly like Claire Schaeffer’s books because she challenges you. Having said that though people might feel the same about the Colette books. I too love her blog and patterns but I think there are more informative books out there that will challenge you and stay with in eye shot as your rpogress in your sewing experience.

    I hope this was worthy and helps you to make your decision. If you can, go and look at them personally. It will help you figure out if they are worth it or not.

    Liesl Gibson

    I second the recommendation for the Claire Schaeffer books. They’re absolutely outstanding as references!

    Linda @Knitting1

    Thank you all very much for your comments. I have decided to have a look at the Claire Schaeffer books as it sounds like Colette may cover things I already know. I love this forum- I am always confident about getting prompt, knowledgeable answers. Thanks, ladies!

    Rebecca W @craftalittle

    I recently purchased the Collete book on knits and i really like it. Some of the pictures are a little smaller and some of the fabric colors that she chooses aren’t the easiest to see (cream fabric with a white background) but despite that, I have learned a lot simply from reading the book. I am looking forward to implementing some of the things that she talks about in my knit sewing and I am certain that my finished product will improve. I have been sewing with knits and I have been doing an ok job, but I have been having some issues. It is possible that I could look around on the internet and find the answers to the questions that I have, but this is a nice reference book that has a lot of answers right there. There were also things that I was doing that I didn’t know could be causing problems in other places or I didn’t know they were the right/best way to do something and now I do.

    So my review- I expect to see improvement in my sewing with knits due to the purchase of this book. And it is worth the $20 that I spent (Ordered from Amazon)

    meleliza @meleliza

    I bought the colette book when it first came out. while it is geared towards beginners and intermediate, I found I learned a couple of things anyway. It comes with about 5 patterns, so from that perspective, it’s not a waste of money. Also, different people approach things differently and I find her organized approach to projects useful. It’s beautifully written too, which as an English teacher and literature buff, I really appreciate. So many sewing books are written as if by a computer geek. Ugh. I will likely buy the knit book, because I am a beginner with knits.

    That said, Clare schaeffers books are nicely written too and as noted above, really chock full of techniques and history and all kinds of things to challenge you.

    The trouble wit tips you find on random blogs on the internet – and here is the writing prof in me – is that you don’t always know how reliable your information is, especially if you’re a beginner and you don’t have enough experience to judge the information. So it can be really helpful to have a few reference books from reliable sources.

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