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Class Picnic Blouse in Knit

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    JohannaO @JohannaO

    I’ve been wondering if this could be made up in knits ever since the pattern came out, and last night I tried it. I think it turned out pretty well.

    I made some changes to the pattern to make it work-

    For the front and back yokes, I rotated the pieces 90 degrees from the grain line, so they would not have much crosswise stretch, and would behave more like a woven. I considered interfacing the back yoke pieces, but didn’t end up needing to. I also did two lines of stitching, one for putting the pieces together, and another for stay stitching the neckline.

    When I attached the yokes to the front and back panels, I serged the seams, and treated the yokes as one piece. After that was done, I ironed the front panel up, toward the yoke, and then top stitched it, so it wouldn’t spread.

    For the shoulder seams, I rotated the bias piece 45 degrees, so the stretch would be on the shortest side of the rectangle. Then I attached it normally. I was worried that if I cut it on the bias, it would spread a bit at the shoulders.

    I hemmed it the normal way, but next time I might use my double needle just for kicks.

    My daughter loves “softies” and will pick them out of the drawers first, so I’m always looking for ways to adapt patterns for use with knits.

    sayiamyou @maraya

    This is good to know Johanna! Thanks for the post! I actually have better luck most times with my double needle on hems for knits than with a regular stitch. Have you tried the double needle before?

    emstone @emstone

    Speaking of double needles and knits I was wondering if anybody has used the wholly nylon thread in the bobbin and regular thread on the top? I think I remember reading about it somewhere but I am not sure. I am just wondering if it will help with the stretch at the bottom hem in case my little one pulls it too far.

    JohannaO @JohannaO

    I’ve used my double needle a lot, I was simply being lazy with my thread- I didn’t want to run another bobbin of thread to make the double hem.

    I’ve used Wooly Nylon (my store calls it Bulky Nylon, I had a heck of a time finding it the first time) in my bobbin. Works like a charm, but make sure to hand wind it so it has some stretch. When I use my double needle, it does really help to knot off all of those thread trails, or it’s pretty easy for all the stitches to fall out. (Learned the hard way.)

    Nicole @motherof5

    Johanna,when I made the MOP version for the twins,I left off the bias band and extended the shoulder by a 3/4”,that worked well too!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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