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Christmas Sewing . . . ?

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    April Henry @April1930s

    What are you sewing for Christmas? Have you made a list? Are you checking it twice? I have the Bedtime Story pajamas on the list (along with a few crafty things). I think this will be the last year I can use the pajama pattern for my son as he’s growing much too fast. I’m debating between another nightgown for SweetPea or a two-piece top and pants set (decisions, decisions!)

    I also need to sew a couple of dolly clothes!

    Anyway, my thoughts had me curious to know if anyone else was planning their Christmas sewing list.

    Loralee @Loralee

    Absolutely! The challenge is finding the time to get my ever expanding list completed in time for Christmas. This year. Next, I could do. LOL Know of any elves that I could hire?

    I’m making dresses for both my girls, 8 and 10 years. One will get a red velveteen dress in a pattern to be determined. She can’t decide which O+S dress. (Oh, I hope it’s a 1 scissor! Time is ticking…) After seeing the kelly green 21 wale cord I bought recently, my youngest asked for a music box jumper.

    Pajamas for both. Probably the hopscotch top and nature walk pants in a cute print.

    Lastly, they have been coveting the book, Wee Wonderfuls. Depending on how stressed for time I am, they’ll either get something sweet sew from it or else the book to chose their own.

    (Whew! I’m sweating now. Busy, busy!)

    Anonymous @

    I’m making the Sketchbook Shirt for Ollie out of some very cool car fabric and a pair of pjs for Clara with the Hopscotch top and Nature Walk pants using some knit fabric I’ve had for years.

    Also planning to make Ollie some pillow cases for his bed and a doorway puppet show curtain for Clara.

    I have more on my list (of course) but doubt I’ll have time for anything else!

    Emily @Emily

    Oddly, this year I have a ton of Christmas knitting on my to-do list, but almost no Christmas sewing. Eleanor has a pretty extensive wardrobe of handmade clothes, and though I’ll probably put a special dress together a week or two before Christmas (or maybe some new pjs… hmmm…) I don’t have anything definite planned yet.

    All of Eleanor’s teachers, though, are getting hand-knitted hats and scarves from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. She has 4 teachers and I’m only done with one set, so it’s time to get cracking!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Ooh, good topic. I would like to start a Christmas PJs tradition, maybe in the City Weekend knit? I have some felt on my wishlist, and if I get that I might take a whack at making stockings, though the ones I got at Old Navy last year are still in fine shape. Really committed to making something to give away, and found a nice pattern for knitted socks on the Purl Beehive blog called ‘socks to give away’ or something to that effect. I can’t help but feel that most people in need would prefer $4 store-bought socks and $56 in cash over even a very lovely pair of handknit socks made from $60 worth of merino Koigu, but boy do they look luscious in the sample, which was probably the point.

    Oh, and I need to make a holiday portrait outfit for my daughter, stat, because we’re doing those cheesy photo cards for the first time, yay! Thinking of the Sunday Brunch jacket, maybe with one of the other skirts, or with a dress? Very excited about the photo card, and browsing this guy’s photo stream for ideas to make it fun: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jwlphotography/2986972588/

    ckcsbella @ckcsbella

    I started my Christmas sewing about a month ago (and my Christmas knitting in July. Feel free to hate me.) I’ve made DD#2 a 2+2 blouse, and I have a skirt cut out. I also made her some pj’s in owl flannel (the owls glow in the dark. Groovy.) I’m going to make DD#1 some pj’s, probably the Bedtime story ones, but I have to get fabric. I need to make her something else, too, but I’m not sure what. The Mother/daughter tote is looking good right now! I always knit them a pair of socks, and I’m not sure what else. We’ll see how my time goes – I just started working three days a week, and I’m still adjusting my time!

    I’ve decided against making “crafts” for the teachers this year. I’m going to get the cookie cutters to make cookie trees and get DD#1 to help me with them. Or that’s the plan at the moment!

    sayiamyou @maraya

    I have already been thinking of my sewing Christmas list too! I know straight off I’ll be making my nephew a Nature Walk pullover (fabric already pre-washed and ready to go, hooray!) and probably Sandbox pants to go along. Hoping I can get at least a Sunday Brunch made for the Niblet.

    We are still deciding on ‘Santa’s’ gift too. I’ve been leaning towards a tall wooden kitchen set (she loves helping her Daddy at dinner time) and if we do that I’m planning to make her an apron, oven mitt, and pot holders!

    Lots to do and time is running out!!

    PS, Sarvi, I made these stockings for us last year from the Riley Blake Christmas collection: http://sew4home.com/projects/fabric-art-a-accents/375-citrus-holiday-elf-stockings

    janimal @janimal

    I am making the topsy turvy doll from the Wee Wonderfuls book. I had a doll like that as a little girl and I LOVED it. My husband says I am making it for me not for our daughter!

    Loralee – the mermaiden from the book is up on Martha’s website. It’s a very quick sew and SO cute. I have a link to it here: http://delilahsmomma.blogspot.com/2010/10/meet-mermaidens.html

    For teachers this year, I am going to sew little cardholders to hold giftcards, that they can use as business cards later. Just a good way to use fabric scraps and make the giftcards a little more personal. I may embroider their names on them.

    Loralee @Loralee

    Janimal, that is too, too cute! Love it. The little flower buttons are perfect, too. My oldest (10) wants me to make that topsy-turvy doll. She’s too old to actually ‘play’ with dolls but she loves to ‘collect’ them. All kids love those dolls so tell your hubby that moms know best! 😉

    Thanks for the link.

    KarenK @KarenK

    I make matchy Christmas pajamas for my kids every year and I’ve decided to do use the Playdate dress lengthened to a nightgown for the girls. The boys will have their usual. I’m also doing a new bathrobe for my 10-year old sun.

    I’d like to do new stockings this year, but I’m not sure.

    Anonymous @

    What a great idea to lengthen the hopscotch dress for a night gown! Poor Clara is dealing with bedwetting almost nightly so she really needs more pjs – I may have to copy you : )

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Fun stockings, thank you for the link! The curly toes are so festive.

    Justine J @justmejay

    I’m making shopping bags for my kids’ teachers and I cheat every year and get my mum to make them all some gorgeous felt christmas decorations! (She does a very cute set of a ‘Mr & Mrs Claus!) (& I also make them all a tin of caramel slice!)

    Will probably make some extra bags for ‘spare’ pressies and maybe some little zippered purses out of oilcloth

    As for clothes sewing – where does the list stop????

    Janimal – like the card idea – my mum (again!) has started making my kids felt decorations as birthday cards so they can keep them – I’ll post a pic in my flickr stream if you’re interested (she embroiders the message on the back)

    nancy @dollfancier

    My son + dil asked me to make Bedtime Story pj’s for their new nieces! one pair in size 6-12mo and the other in 12-18mo. I’m having a blast!

    Love the idea for a Hopscotch dress nightgown! It could even have be extra long with a drawstring at the hem for newborns…

    JustmeJay – I would love to see piccies of your mum’s felt decorations/b’day cards! sounds cute!

    xoxo, Nancy

    Loralee @Loralee

    dollfancier, the drawstring for newborns is a great idea! My kiddos are way past those days but I loved the little knit sleepers like those. Made night time changes so easy. Another option would be elastic at the bottom.

    Such good inspiration, everyone. 🙂

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