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best fabric store for "minimalist fabrics"??

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    rebecca @rebecca

    I have a problem … I can’t resist all the beautiful, brightly colored fabrics. I love them and buy them. But, I don’t wear them and don’t sew with them. What I REALLY like to wear are simple stripes, solids, geometric prints – usually in neutral colors (navy, black, white, with orange being my favorite accent). If I do color, only 2-tone prints (usually small, and repetitive in straight lines).

    So. I need a fabric store that helps me keep in my boundaries with way less choice (because I clearly can’t contain myself). Do y’all have any suggestions for fabric stores that may follow that ideal? Or specific designers, even, that I would just want their whole line?? 😉

    Looking for more simple fabrics like these: https://poppyandclaude.com/child/girl/tops

    THANKS, y’all!

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    Nicole @motherof5

    I find most stores stock these type of fabrics and colours, you just have to be disciplined enough to only look for them.

    My sewing, a few years back, was ALL the colours and patterns. Now it is very subdued but much more wearable.

    Spotlight (Joannes in the USA) stock plain linen, often on sale, which washes and wears quite well.

    If you are struggling to find plain knits, look at the corresponding ribbings. They are usually plain and the thinner, cheaper ones make great tee shirts and skivvies with excellent recovery.

    Write a list, keep your blinkers on and only look at what you need.

    As a good friend says (who owns a Drapery) there will always be more pretty fabric.

    Good luck.

    Liesl Gibson

    I was just admiring the fabrics at The Draper’s Daughter yesterday. Karen has a great eye and only selects really beautiful prints and patterns. It’s all very high quality, too. https://drapersdaughter.com/

    rebecca @rebecca

    Oh,no … I have zero self-control. It’s pathetic. I have to avoid!! I’ve just not gone to the shops in a while because I’m terrible! Maybe someday?? 🤣

    rebecca @rebecca

    @liesl yes! That’s what I need. Someone who has discipline, so I can simply glean from their beautiful choices. Thanks for the suggestion.

    my hope is that the more I see with high-quality beautiful fabric, the more I’ll abstain from the “junk food”. But first I have to find the shops that don’t sell the junk. 😀🤔

    Florence Taylor @FlorenceTaylor

    Art gallery fabrics hasa few lines that release wonderful patterns in that color way ( Capsule/ aligned and raise the volume.

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