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Attaching buttons with sewing machine

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    KMcSews @KMcSews

    I’m almost done with my first 2+2 blouse — just need to figure out how to sew the buttons on. I’d like to do this by machine, and I’ve successfully sewn a few buttons on a scrap. When I sew by hand, I usually use a toothpick to give it some space. Should I do this with the machine, too? I just tried it and it looked sloppy. OK to do without the toothpick and just sew it flat on the fabric, or should I keep working on this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Nicole @motherof5


    This is a post I put together and it works for me!


    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I reccommend Nicole’s tutorial. I now sew all my buttons on by machine after reading Nicole’s instructions.

    I do a couple of things slightly differently. I don’t use the sticky tape as i found it did not come off my buttons easily so now i just line the button up with the mark while it is under the foot, so far i’ve had no problems, but i haven’t made any of the Oliver and S styles with buttons all down the back. I set my stitch length to zero and then work out my stitch width depending on my button. I also just use my regular foot.

    I have never used a toothpick or anything to give space to my buttons either when i hand sew or by machine. The only time this has been a problem has been when I am making a reversible garment and i have 2 buttons back to back, but I think the best solution to this would be shank buttons.

    Tamara @justsewit

    That’s funny Heidi I do the same. Mark the spot, stick the button in position, put the foot down to keep it in place and then use the wheel by hand to make sure I have the right width, adjust if needed and then off you go. I do have to say though that my machine doesn’t do as good a job as if I did it by hand!.

    As far as toothpicks are concerned I feel that is personal choice. I taught myself to sew buttons on and I didn’t hear about the toothpick until much later in my sewing journey.

    Nicole’s tute is very good to refer to when stuck – so nice to know where to turn for a more experienced piece of advice when you are a bit stuck on what to do.


    Robin @Robin

    I can’t set my zig zag stitch to zero so I drop my feed dogs instead. Interesting that I’ll hand stitch a hem, but use a machine to sew buttons on.

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    I always use the sewing machine and find it much quicker, neater and longer lasting than hand stitching (says a lot about my hand stitching I think).

    My technique is a bit of double sided tape underneath, drop the feed dogs, zig zag stitch using a sewing pin as a small shank. Snip the starting threads short, leaving the finishing threads long. I pull the finishing threads through to the space between button and fabric and wrap one round clockwise half a dozen turns, the other anticlockwise then tie them off.

    I find the little bit of space with the shank and tie off makes the button much easier to use than if it was sewn flat.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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