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    paula @paula


    Thought this was so true! Even my mother (back in the 1950’s) always looked so polished! Her hair, make-up and clothing was perfection!

    meleliza @meleliza

    Yes, I liked that article. My grandmother would never leave the house without lipstick. Ever.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I love good under wear.

    Great article. I guess as I live on a farm and may need to help at a moments notice I dress fairly casually at home. Usually a denim Portfolio and leggings.

    But I always change if I am going to town, even if it is just for the mail.

    I really like to dress everyone up for City appointments. It makes me happy.

    I love the sense of pride my children, especially my son, take in their clothing.

    meleliza @meleliza

    I do too. I mean, I live in the city, so to some extent we do dress a little more here than people not in the city, but if I’m off to dr apts, school meetings or even pickup every day, I usually change. Often, I’ve been cleaning and cooking and chasing little ones all day and it’s nice to freshen up.

    Liesl Gibson

    I already know my grandma dressed better than I do, no question! I have stored some of her vintage clothing at the studio (it will inspired future patterns, I guarantee it!) and it’s gorgeous: so well made! She once told me that she had a miscarriage when she was downtown, and she mentioned that it ruined her alligator shoes. (Not that she was fixated on the shoes, mind you, but the fact that she had alligator shoes…)

    I still have a few pieces from Grandma that I wear, although I’m quite a bit taller than she. I’ve even got a real a Bonnie Cashing wool knit dress with matching leather trim! I’ll show you sometime. I do try to think about what I’m doing that day when I get dressed in the morning. If I’m biking to the studio it will probably be casual attire, but if I’m headed to the garment center I make sure I’m wearing really great shoes. But I never remember lipstick. Better get on that!

    Great article, Paula. Thanks for posting it!

    Nicole @motherof5

    Liesl, I nearly choked when I read your comment.

    When I was carrying Hugo, my eldest, a friend who was living in Turkey at the time sent me some gorgeous leather slippers to take to hospital.

    I showed them to my darling Nana and she commented ‘Don’t take those to hospital Darling, you may spoil them if you have a bleed’.

    The like minded thinking and the (obviously) not as good sanitary protection was quite startling.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    How remarkable! I can imagine my gran saying something like that too. In her day in Tehran the fashionable boutiques imported clothing from Paris and London (some things never change) and my grandma would go peep at the windows and then go home and make them for herself. Wish I had a fraction of that skill. It still adds to my amazement at how how dapper everyone was to know she made all those clothes herself.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    Buttons! I say buttons are the bling of the garment.

    Quality over quantity!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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